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Management Team

Michael marique

Michael Marique

Managing Director

Michael Marique graduated from Faculté Polytechnique in Mons in Belgium and started his career at Electrabel in 1995. For nine years, Michael held various positions in conventional generation (construction, renovation, maintenance and operations). In late 2003 he joined Marketing & Sales BeLux as Senior Key Account Manager for the steel industry in Belgium and Luxemburg. In 2009 he became head of department for Application & Process Management and Chief Information Officer for Marketing & Sales BeLux. In November 2013, in connection with the creation of the Digital Community Centre, he was appointed Chief Digital Officer for the Energy Europe Business Line of GDF SUEZ.


Hans De Rouck


Strategy, Finance and Contracting

Hans De Rouck is Finance, Strategy, and Group Account Coordinator. He prepares the corporate strategy and defines the marketing strategy and corresponding marketing plan. He also manages relationships and negotiates contracts with Laborelec's primary customer groups. In addition, he is responsible for financial analyses and forecasting. He has held several positions at Laborelec, managing several Laborelec product lines. Hans De Rouck holds a master's degree in chemical engineering.


Steven Goedseels


Productline Manager Structural Integrity Assessment & Monitoring
Segment Manager Nuclear Power

Steven Goedseels is responsible for all activities concerning structural integrity assessment and monitoring. He began his career at Laborelec in 1993, conducting boiler failure analyses and lifetime assessments. After a passage in the Electrabel Generation Technical Audit team, he returned to Laborelec to initiate the multidisciplinary Condition Assessment, Condition Monitoring, and Predictive Maintenance Project. Steven Goedseels holds a master's degree in science and engineering in metallurgy and materials.


Michaël De Koster


Productline Manager Electricity, Grids & End-Use
Segment Manager Downstream

Michaël De Koster coordinates all activities for electrical grids and energy end-users. He began his career at Laborelec as a power quality expert and monitoring project manager. He then joined Electrabel and successively held the positions of product manager in power quality and marketing segment manager for industry. Michaël holds a master's degree in electromechanical engineering.

Laborelec Coralie Goffin 131-100px

Coralie Goffin


Productline Manager Sustainable Process Technologies
Segment Manager Thermal Generation Europe

Coralie Goffin is head of Sustainable Process Technology. In 1997, she started her career at Laborelec as a project engineer for water chemistry and environment. Later on she became head of the Chemistry Competence Centre and Technology Manager for water treatment. Coralie holds a master's degree in chemical engineering.

guy dreessen

Guy Dreessen


Segment Manager International Sales

Guy Dreessen started his career in 1992 as head of nuclear dismantling and decontamination within Tecnubel/Belgonucleaire. He joined Electrabel in 1997 to develop cogeneration power plants in Europe. Later on he became product line manager on-site sustainable generation within Electrabel Marketing and Sales was also operational manager of decentralized generation in Belgium. From 2009 until 2011 he developed and implemented an innovation policy at the Research and Innovation department GDF SUEZ in Paris. As from June 2011 he joined Laborelec to increase the International development out of Europe. Guy holds a master's degree in nuclear engineering.

Philippe De Raedemaeker

Philippe De Raedemaeker


Research & Innovation, Operational Support & scientific lead

Philippe De Raedemaeker started his career in 1988 within Electrabel and joined Laborelec in 2015.  Philippe coordinates as scientific lead Laborelec’s collaborative research projects, its research programs within the Direction of Research and Technologies of ENGIE, and innovation.  He is responsible for the information services department, human resources and facilities.  Previous experience was within Electrabel in the fields of Generation with thermal power (electrical maintenance, operations in the power station of Ruien) and Marketing & Sales (product development management, market settlement, datamanagement, architecture and innovation for the information systems).  Philippe holds a master degree in electro-technical engineering.