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October 13, 20178 days ago

The new LVMS: Why make the change

Launched in 1985, ENGIE Laborelec’s Vibration Monitoring System (LVMS) now has more than 100 satisfied users worldwide, who appreciate its crucial role in assessing the condition of large turbogroups.

So, why make the change?

Because technology has evolved and has meant that ENGIE Laborelec could turn LVMS into a more compact and robust system fit for the latest IT standards that is even easier to install and maintain. And all of this without compromising the tool’s ease of use.

More info on the new LVMS: Why make the change

August 10, 20172 months ago

OUR NEW LEAFLET « OneBoard Transformers » IS NOW ONLINE!

Making efficient use of data from an assortment of monitoring devices can be a complex business, especially when interfaces, protocols, data display and analysis procedures differ from one system to another. Managing diverse alarm strategies is no less complicated, while troubleshooting actions, such as manual resets, can lose precious time. The Laborelec OneBoard platform comfortably handles all these issues and more, delivering full fleet control security to operating staff, and powerful analytics to the business. Would you like to know more? Get your copy of our leaflet or contact us for an in-depth consultation.

July 3, 20173 months ago

Heliatek organic photovoltaic films on the façade of ENGIE Laborelec

Solar films manufactured by German company Heliatek have been installed on ENGIE Laborelec's building in Linkebeek. The HeliaFilm® organic films have been incorporated into the façade and windows and will enable the testing of new solar technology systems. Read the full press release.

Read the full press release | More info about Heliatek

April 21, 20176 months ago

Our new leaflet "Torso - Keep a watchful eye for harmful torsional vibration in shaft lines" is now online!

Among the potential harmful conditions for turbo-groups, torsional vibration is one that is generally overlooked. Because it can lead extremely quickly to dramatic failures, effective protection systems must be able to react within seconds. TORSO, Laborelec’s torsional vibration monitoring system for turbo-groups, tackles this issue effectively and brings peace of mind back to your condition monitoring strategy. Would you like to know more? Get your copy of our leaflet or contact us for an in-depth consultation.

April 3, 20176 months ago


Checking turbine and compressor blades for cracks can be time-consuming and, quite literally, a heavy task which in most cases does not even guarantee accurate results. Laborelec’s MAGTEC guarantees the best results in half the time. Want to know more? Get your copy of our leaflet or contact us for an in-depth consultation.

March 30, 20176 months ago


LiDARs have become the most effective way to measure the wind resource. ENGIE Laborelec owns and operates a fleet of ground-based LiDARs which are available for rent for wind resource assessment campaigns. Want to know more? Get your copy of our brochure or contact us for an in-depth consultation.

March 2, 20177 months ago


Catalytic deNOX systems are costly, and catalysts have to be replaced regularly. But what you may not already be aware of is that the CAPEX and OPEX of deNOX systems can still be significantly reduced, typically up to 100,000 € a year. Want to know how? Get your copy of our brochure here or contact us for an in-depth consultation. Our experts will explore with you any opportunities for improvement, evaluating how realistic these are, while bringing all the necessary elements to calculate the gains to be made.

December 8, 201610 months ago

Technical seminar: Recent developments in oil analysis and condition monitoring of power transformers

Discover the best available techniques to keep your power transformers in good shape

You observe gassing in your insulating oil, but you're not sure whether it's stray gassing or a problem with your transformer? You're looking for new and better ways to identify insulation paper degradation? You want to know which option is best to maximize the reliability of your diagnostics: oil analyses or electrical measurements? You will find the answers to these and many other questions during Laborelec’s two-day technical seminar ‘Recent developments in oil analysis and condition monitoring of power transformers’.

In collaboration with:

CC Jensen, Morgan Schaffer, Shell, Vaisala, Camlin Power, Ergon, CG Power Systems, NYNAS, Hyundai, Savita, Arkema & APAR Industries LTD.

More info and registration

November 22, 201611 months ago

Upgrade yourself with skills for the future
Our 2017 training catalogue is now online

With our 240 specialist experts and the experience that comes from more than 50 years working with customers and partners, we are pleased to be able to pass on our knowledge and skills in a new range of training courses. Subjects include Power transformers - Rotating machines – Lighting technology - Electrical influence - Corrosion protection - Explosive atmosphere (ATEX) - Automation/Process Control – Combustion - Water chemistry - Welding technology - Non-destructive testing – Root cause analysis - Materials technology – Vibration – Monitoring – Performance - Industrial cyber security - Energy efficiency - Project management. Get your copy of our training catalogue with calendar.

November 10, 201611 months ago

22 - 23 November 2016
Technical Seminar : Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oils

Oil varnishing, oxidation and phosphate ester degradation are among the most threatening problems for both gas and steam turbines. Fortunately, there are ways to detect and remedy these issues efficiently and effectively. Discover the best available lubricating oil analysis techniques and contamination control procedures during the two-day seminar ‘Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oils’ in Singapore. Applying these techniques will enable you to improve the reliability and availability of your equipment.

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