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June 8, 20125 years ago

MAY 2012: FOCUS ON Power Grids and Energy End-Use

  • Meeting the increasing demand for smart energy solutions
  • Integrated approach to efficiently tackle DNOs’ multidisciplinary challenges
  • Multisite energy consumption study
  • Analyzing electric vehicle monitoring data throughout the year
  • Technical support throughout the entire transformer life cycle
  • Optimizing household smart energy management systems
  • Investigating complex electromagnetic problems with finite element simulations
  • Avoiding grid congestion: Implementing electrical demand response in power grids

Laborelec News May 2012: Power Grids and Energy End-Use

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May 7, 20125 years ago

APRIL 2012: Focus on power generation

Ultra Super Critical (USC) power plants

  • Technical supervision of the power plant overhaul in Polaniec
  • Direct access to multidisciplinary expert services in the power sector
  • Evaluating the compatibility of new variable frequency drives
  • Accelerating water tree growth reduces time for cable insulation quality check
  • Investigating and tackling condenser water box corrosion
  • Advising USC power plants on possible solutions to T24 material issues
  • Cost-benefit analysis of a gas turbine air inlet filtration system
  • Innovative solution to earthing network measurement challenge
  • Increasing power plant efficiency and flexibility

APRIL 2012: focus on power generation

April 6, 20125 years ago

MARCH 2012: focus on emissions and water chemistry, biology, and treatment

Water treatment pathogen analysis laboratory research

  • Solving distilled water flow instability in Saudi Arabia
  • Helping optimize the sustainability of power generation
  • Developing and testing a dynamic model for PCCC units (Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
  • Study on PCCC emission measurements published in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
  • Measuring gas turbine emissions during start-up and shutdown
  • Assisting in the design and commissioning of the first-ever deNOX catalyst for a 100% biomass-fired power plant
  • Testing nitrosamine measurement methods for PCCC pilot plants
  • Pathogen risk management in water systems

MARCH 2012: focus on emissions and water chemistry, biology, and treatment

March 9, 20125 years ago


material technologies non-destructive testing and condition assessment disc analysis

  • Independent technical advice prevents unnecessary, expensive compressor upgrade in Saudi Arabia
  • Ensuring objective, comprehensive condition assessments
  • Verifying component quality before delivery: Auditing a Chinese supplier of bellow expansion joints
  • New crack detection tool for gas turbine discs
  • Identifying the best coating to protect gas turbine mixing chambers against wear
  • University students attend NDT course in the Laborelec laboratories
  • Root cause analysis of steam turbine blade cracks in the US


February 20, 20125 years ago

NEWS JANUARY 2012: Nuclear Power Technologies

Nuclear reactor power plant generator alarm

  • Benchmarking chemical and radiochemical data from the Belgian nuclear power fleet
  • Fostering continuous improvement in nuclear power plants
  • Assessing gamma cameras for characterizing radioactive material
  • Characterizing dust in nuclear reactor buildings
  • How do oxygen scavengers behave during the wet lay-up of steam generators?
  • Rationalizing alarms during nuclear power plant revision
  • Assessing the quality of coatings inside reactor buildings

Newsletter January 2012: Nuclear Power technologies