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July 3, 20125 years ago

Organizational changes

I’m proud to announce that two of our fellow workers were asked to assume new responsibilities:

  • Léon Duvivier, director of the product line Sustainable Process Technologies and manager of the Business Development department, will fulfil from 01.07.2012 the function of Technology Director within the “Direction Recherche & Innovation” of GDF SUEZ.
  • Emmanuel De Jaeger, scientific director, is entrusted from 01.09.2012 with the chair of Professor of Electrical Energy at the UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain). He will continue to work closely with Laborelec.

The Laborelec organization is adapted as follows:

  • Coralie Goffin becomes director of the product line Sustainable Process Technologies from 01.07.2012
  • Guy Dreessen takes on the responsibility of the Research Program Management department  from 01.07.2012; he becomes a member of the Management Team.
  • Randy Stiens is in charge of the Business Development activities from 01.07.2012 and reports to Hans De Rouck.
  • Etienne Pierson will assume, in addition to his current function, the role of Scientific Director of Laborelec from 01.09.2012.

The new organization will enable Laborelec to steadily strengthen its position and to continue to pursue its strategy with proven success: develop expertise in the complete value chain of electricity, with a combination of research and services, on a rapidly growing international market, and operating as independent business entity, but firmly rooted in both GDF SUEZ BEE Metier Generation and GDF Suez “Direction Recherche & Innovation”.

Bart Boesmans
General Manager

June 22, 20125 years ago


Message from Bart Boesmans and Marc De Witte:
Worldwide value creation is key to success in times of change

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> Key figures and our values
> Renovated laboratory facilities strengthen expertise
> Quality, environment, safety, and health

> Electricity, Grids, and End-Use
> Structural Integrity Assessment and Monitoring
> Sustainable Process Technologies

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June 8, 20125 years ago

MAY 2012: FOCUS ON Power Grids and Energy End-Use

  • Meeting the increasing demand for smart energy solutions
  • Integrated approach to efficiently tackle DNOs’ multidisciplinary challenges
  • Multisite energy consumption study
  • Analyzing electric vehicle monitoring data throughout the year
  • Technical support throughout the entire transformer life cycle
  • Optimizing household smart energy management systems
  • Investigating complex electromagnetic problems with finite element simulations
  • Avoiding grid congestion: Implementing electrical demand response in power grids

Laborelec News May 2012: Power Grids and Energy End-Use

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May 7, 20125 years ago

APRIL 2012: Focus on power generation

Ultra Super Critical (USC) power plants

  • Technical supervision of the power plant overhaul in Polaniec
  • Direct access to multidisciplinary expert services in the power sector
  • Evaluating the compatibility of new variable frequency drives
  • Accelerating water tree growth reduces time for cable insulation quality check
  • Investigating and tackling condenser water box corrosion
  • Advising USC power plants on possible solutions to T24 material issues
  • Cost-benefit analysis of a gas turbine air inlet filtration system
  • Innovative solution to earthing network measurement challenge
  • Increasing power plant efficiency and flexibility

APRIL 2012: focus on power generation

April 6, 20125 years ago

MARCH 2012: focus on emissions and water chemistry, biology, and treatment

Water treatment pathogen analysis laboratory research

  • Solving distilled water flow instability in Saudi Arabia
  • Helping optimize the sustainability of power generation
  • Developing and testing a dynamic model for PCCC units (Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
  • Study on PCCC emission measurements published in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
  • Measuring gas turbine emissions during start-up and shutdown
  • Assisting in the design and commissioning of the first-ever deNOX catalyst for a 100% biomass-fired power plant
  • Testing nitrosamine measurement methods for PCCC pilot plants
  • Pathogen risk management in water systems

MARCH 2012: focus on emissions and water chemistry, biology, and treatment