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Lighting Laboratory : Ensuring the performances and compliance of your lamps and luminaires Non-destructive testing for gas turbines : From selecting the best NDT technique to monitoring inspection quality

LVMS Vibration monitoring of turbogroups: An essential tool in your predictive maintenance strategy

Catalytic deNOX management: Minimising the total cost of ownership

ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEMS OIL ANALYSES Condition assessment of transformers and rotating machinery Laborelec New Built and Retrofit activities

Laborelec Plant Ageing Approach: Preventing costly surprises on the long run

Product sheets

Gas turbine combustion - Matching flame stability fuel flexibility and emissions

Material inspection of hot gas path components: Advice on material degradation and reconditioning Multidisciplinary Root Cause Failure Analysis: Maximizing the reliability of your equipment Optimizing power plant efficiency: How do plant processes affect overall performance

Non-destructive inspection of low-pressure steam turbine blades: Detecting and sizing cracks without dismantling

Air intake filtering systems

OneBoard Transformers dashboard for fleet monitoring Nacelle-based LIDAR: Yaw misalignment correction can increase annual energy production by up to 5% Wind turbine gearbox condition assessment