Congratulations to the Antarctic expedition

Princess Elisabeth stationFor the fifth year in a row, an expedition team headed by Alain Hubert has ventured into the Antarctic mainland to the Belgian Princess Elisabeth Research Station, developed and built under the leadership of Alain Hubert, the International Polar Foundation, and Laborelec. The Princess Elisabeth Station is unique, not only because it provides an excellent home base for Antarctic researchers, but also because it is conceived as a zero-emission station, entirely powered by renewable energy.

Over the past three years, 14 of our experts have been sent to the station for several months at a time to work on the construction and commissioning of the station’s energy and water treatment systems. The energy system features a first-of-a-kind smart microgrid, of which we are particularly proud and which kick-started our activities in the world of smart grids and smart energy management. This year we are continuing to provide remote technical support to the on-site expedition team.

The Princess Elisabeth project is exemplary and visionary. It is a great example of what can be achieved if technology is pushed to the limits. Because it has been realized under extremely harsh conditions, it also shows that we should not be afraid of pursuing the most challenging objectives. With competence, creativity, commitment, and passion, we can see our most ambitious ideas come to life. That is what working at Laborelec is all about. And that is why we wholeheartedly wish the best of luck to the expedition members far down south at the Princess Elisabeth station.

Bart Boesmans