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Laborelec Chile performs research in the fields of Renewable Energy and Eco-Efficiency, with specific projects on the integration of solar-based energy systems and on low-footprint power generation. Laborelec Chile cooperates closely with local academic research centers and other centers of excellence, and enables the fast take-up by Chilean industry and utilities of the solutions and expertise resulting from its international research programs. In this way, Laborelec Chile contributes to Chile’s competitiveness and sustainability, in particular to an eco-efficient Chile fully benefiting from renewable energy. Laborelec Chile is also the entry point for our customers in Latin America for obtaining expertise support services in the various expertise areas covered by Laborelec.   For more information about these services, please refer to the section Services.

Solar energy and Renewable Energy Research projects

The solar energy activities under the Product Line “Renewable Energy”will build on the current status of technology, looking across the technological landscape to identify the most suitable combination of solar technology with existing power plants, storage solutions and local constraints in order to determine the technically and economically most viable solutions.

The activities under the Product Line “Eco-efficiency” will validate our research results in terms of sustainability, economic competitiveness and security of supply for the local market, building on the transferred knowledge to become a catalyst for energy start-up / spin-off companies in Latin America, providing them access to technical expertise and innovation activities of GDF SUEZ.

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laborelec Falkenberg Sebastian   Alarcon Candia Antonio Laborelec Chile
General Manager
Head of Renewable Energy department
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Head of Eco-efficiency department
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Cerro El Plomo 5855, piso 6 7561160 Las Condes – Santiago Chile