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Reducing energy's total cost of ownership

LBE_Productsheet_Smart-local-energy-managementLaborelec assists companies in reducing the total cost of ownership of their energy. Our expertise covers the equipment and processes of a wide variety of sectors, ranging from energy-intensive industries to tertiary companies. We offer a broad range of services that enable us to suggest fundamental changes, amounting to permanent operational, maintenance, and environmental cost savings.

In 2014, Laborelec Germany and WSW agreed on a close two years’ cooperation contract, which substantially increases our technical assistance to WSW (Wuppertal Stadtwerke) for the development of their services in the field of flexibility, lighting and cogeneration. Laborelec Germany also serves more and more as collaboration platform with GDF SUEZ affiliates in Germany such as Cofely Deutschland and GFD SUEZ Energie Deutschland Marketing & Sales.

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