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Smart Local Energy Management

Reducing energy costs by optimizing the load profile

The energy expenditure of industrial companies is largely dependent on the amount of electricity used, the energy consumption profile, and the contract with the energy provider. As more and more solar panels and wind turbines are installed, a company’s load profile becomes increasingly important in determining the energy expenditure. Laborelec can help reduce energy costs by changing the load profile.

Audit creates flexibility and identifies energy savings opportunities

Laborelec investigates the possibility of increasing the production processes’ flexibility. Based on the consumption profile and the electricity contract, our experts can calculate how much the company can save on energy costs. An audit can lead to approximately 5% in savings.

Implementing automatic and real-time energy use management

Based on our audit, we install a customized smart local energy management (SLEM) system on site. Our experts integrate the SLEM tool into the existing automation system. The system can then control the flexibility of the energy consumption through the management of the production processes.

Monitoring ensures future energy savings

Production processes, energy contract specifications, and net operator conditions can change over time and influence a company’s energy costs. Through online monitoring, our experts keep track of the performance of the installed SLEM system. This enables us to identify room for improvement and help guarantee maximal energy savings, both now and in the future.

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