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Training course: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) (Dutch)

Where: Laborelec, Linkebeek Belgium
When: 24/09/18 tot 26/09/18


Description of the EMC training course

"EMC and Grounding Techniques in industrial installations" is a three-day course EMC and grounding techniques for electrical engineers and electrical systems designers (technicians and engineers) to avoid interference in sprawling modern electrical installations.

On the basis of basic concepts of electrical theory and recognizable examples, demos and simple explanations, the student gets an idea of the electrical failure mechanisms and how they can be prevented or remedied.

The third day of training is one day at a map based on the following topics that will be defined by the group with the trainer according to the specific needs and covers the following topics:

Recommended number of participants


Duration of the EMC training

3 days

Target audience of the EMC training

Electricity technicians and installation designers.

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