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Introduction to additive manufacturing of metal components

Where: Laborelec, Linkebeek Belgium
When: 21/05/18 tot 22/05/18



A course to help reflection on the value of additive manufacturing (AM) for your business. With a focus on metal printing and the selective laser melting (SLM) process, the course will help provide an overview of the possibilities of additive manufacturing (3D printing). The course will go through the available techniques for metal applications and focus in more depth on SLM. Participants will gain an understanding of the limitations and possibilities that might have an impact on even the design of your parts, or the supply chain. Through case studies we evaluate all phases of the process, from powder selection, file preparation and building parameters to post-processing treatments.


• Introduction - What is additive manufacturing? Current available technologies and materials, market situation, risks and opportunities. • Powders - Metal powder characterization for SLM, including production process, key properties for QA/QC or certification and review of existing standards. • Build job preparation - Presentation of software tools for additive manufacturing and build preparation procedure. • Process optimisation - Influence of process parameters on the physical/mechanical properties of SLM parts. • Design guidelines - Development of best practices for the use of SLM equipment and prototyping activities

Recommended number of participants


Duration (standard)

2 days

Target audience

Design engineers, maintenance and supply chain staff, purchase staff and middle management