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Laborelec tests electric cars at the race circuit of Francorchamps

Laborelec participated in an event at the race circuit of Francorchamps on November 17th, jointly organized with Campus Automobile Spa-Francorchamps and the European ENEVATE project.

Besides an exclusive opportunity to test electric cars on the well-known circuit, the event was an opportunity for Laborelec to share its vision on the so-called “EV smart charging”. Laborelec has built a strong experience with EVs through several pilot projects, within and outside GDF SUEZ. Laborelec is namely evaluating the charging issues, and the advantages that EVs can bring to the user, the energy supplier and the grid operator, when the charging cycles are properly controlled.

Laborelec tests electric cars at the race circuit of Francorchamps web

Campus Automobile Spa-Francorchamps has asked Laborelec, with the support of the GDF SUEZ Research & Technologies Division, to accompany them in the implementation of an electrical microgrid on their site in Francorchamps, in which decentralized electricity production (PV, wind, microcogeneration) is used to supply the needed energy in an autonomous grid combined with bidirectional charging point, EV and electric motor test bench. Electric vehicles are then used as electrical loads and energy storage systems, being able to re-inject energy to the local grid when needed. The realization of this microgrid, initiated in 2013, was presented during the event.

Cendrine Marchal, Project Manager at Campus Automobile Spa-Francorchamps :

“The Campus Automobile Spa-Francorchamps invests in the installation of a Micro-Smart Grid dedicated to pedagogic purposes in their facilities. During each step of the project, Laborelec escorts the Campus by providing useful advices and guidelines in the selection of technologies, based on their experience. On the other hand, Laborelec has supported the Campus in the organization and the promotion of the event of November 17th 2014 in Spa-Francorchamps. They have offered to the Campus a CarPlug charging point, that was used to recharge the cars during the event, and that will be implemented as a part of the Campus Micro-Smart-Grid after the event. This new didactic equipment will give to the Campus the opportunity to train automotive technicians and electricians, as these new technologies impact as much the automotive sector as the electric sector”.

Laborelec Expert Laurent Devroey

Laborelec Expert Laurent De Vroey on smart charging of electric cars

Campus Automobile Spa-Francorchamps

Campus Automobile Spa-Francorchamps is a vocational skills center of the Walloon Region dealing mainly with the training courses for different target groups as jobseekers, schools and workers. Their training is developed in 3 fields of activities: mechanical technology, industrial technology and eco-technology. Through “à la carte” training, people with different backgrounds from the operator to the engineer can be trained to improve their skills and then pretend to have a better position in the automotive sector/distribution. (More info on formation campus automobile Spa-Francorchamps)

Campus Automobile Spa-Francorchamps is a partner of the European ENEVATE project, aiming at defining business models for electric mobility in extra-urban and touristic areas in Europe, that delivered its first results during the event.