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June 20, 20183 months ago

New microwebsite "SCR Catalyst testing" is now online

Why is SCR catalyst testing so important?

Reducing costs in deNOx plants through extending SCR catalyst lifetime and finding optimal asset management scenarios begins with a trustworthy and unbiased assessment of the condition of the catalysts. But SCR catalyst testing can be tricky, since selecting the right tests calls for the right questions to be asked first. At ENGIE Laborelec, you’ve come to the right place. We perform the complete range of regular and more specialized SCR catalyst tests. You get unbiased support to fit your objectives, independently from the original equipment manufacturer or regeneration company.

Take a look at our brand new SCR Catalyst Testing website

June 11, 20183 months ago


Combustion tuning is proving to be powerful and effective in helping conventional power plants to look for new ways to improve efficiency. With newly developed measurement tools, relevant information can be extracted. Power plant operators can:

  • make the decisive adjustments to lower operating costs
  • without compromising compliance with environmental legislation.

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May 16, 20184 months ago

The smarter approach to Maintenance Interval Extension

As a gas power station operator, you are coming under increasing pressure to reduce investment and operating costs in the face of an energy market in full transition. Smart OEM-independent programs for Maintenance Interval Extension can help you achieve your targets.

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April 24, 20185 months ago

Laboratory and centre of expertise in electrical energy storage

The ENGIE Laborelec laboratory and centre of expertise in electrical energy storage is capable of testing all the components of an electrochemical storage solution, including complete racks.

ENGIE Laborelec offers the ultimate guarantee of multi-level technical and operational expertise in batteries and energy storage for customers and business partners.

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March 14, 20186 months ago

(Dutch language)

Sensors to measure the level of waterways or sewers, degree of filling of waste bins: ENGIE is testing a number of smart city applications in Knokke-Heist, on the Belgian coast. Our TankU sensors are part of the pilot program.

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February 21, 20187 months ago

20-23 March 2018: Technical seminar: Oil analysis: Recent developments and best practices in condition monitoring

In cooperation with Tan Delta (

Power transformers and their insulation oils: Recent developments and best practices in condition monitoring
Manilla, 20th-21st of March 2018

Turbines and their lubricant/hydraulic oils: Recent developments and best practices in condition monitoring
Manilla, 22nd-23rd of March 2018

More info and registration

December 20, 20179 months ago

Our new product leaflet "Wind turbine gearbox condition assessment" is now online!

Monitoring the condition of wind turbine gearboxes is essential to guarantee machine integrity. A wind turbine gearbox is considered to be a non fail-safe component whose failure may in turn lead to failure of other major parts of the turbine. For this reason, and since they operate under severe mechanical stress conditions, gearboxes need regular thorough attention.

Fully equipped to provide onsite inspection and remote wind turbine monitoring, ENGIE Laborelec is your ideal partner for gearbox condition assessment, wherever you are in the world.

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December 7, 20179 months ago

Our new product leaflet "Nacelle-based LIDAR: Yaw misalignment correction" is now online!

Yaw misalignment correction can increase annual energy production by up to 5%

Nacelle-based LIDAR is the perfect way to accurately measure turbine yaw performance. Every wind turbine operator is looking to maximize revenues from their wind turbines. Energy losses due to yaw misalignment can be significant, but effective correction will boost output.

Laborelec owns and operates a fleet of nacelle-based LIDARs ready for deployment in static yaw correction campaigns.

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November 29, 20179 months ago

Upgrade yourself with skills for the future
Our 2018 training catalogue is now online

Drawing from our wide-ranging expertise and cutting-edge experience, we now offer an extensive selection of training for companies and individuals interested in how the energy world and its technologies are changing.

Industrial cyber security, 3D printing, renewables, powers transformers, rotating machines and lighting are just some of the areas covered, but there’s much, much more!

Our mission? Simply to share our expertise and provide others with the tools, information and guidance to make the very best use of it. Convinced? Sign-up fast, places are limited! Find out more in our training catalogue with calendar.

November 28, 201710 months ago

Our new brochure “Electromagnetic compatibility laboratory” is now online !

  • Examination of compliance with EMC standards
  • CE Marking
  • 2014/30/EC EMC Directive
  • Emission and Immunity tests
  • Measurement of electromagnetic fields
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