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Water chemistry

November 10, 20162 years ago

22 - 23 November 2016
Technical Seminar : Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oils

Oil varnishing, oxidation and phosphate ester degradation are among the most threatening problems for both gas and steam turbines. Fortunately, there are ways to detect and remedy these issues efficiently and effectively. Discover the best available lubricating oil analysis techniques and contamination control procedures during the two-day seminar ‘Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oils’ in Singapore. Applying these techniques will enable you to improve the reliability and availability of your equipment.

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October 26, 20162 years ago

How cyber-safe are your industrial
control systems?

Our new brochure “Industrial control systems - Attractive targets for cyber-attacks” is now available. From a detailed assessment of your current cyber security status to full 24/7 monitoring, ENGIE Lab Laborelec combines IT and ICS knowledge to successfully combat and prevent cyber-attacks. Our five-point end-to-end programme safeguards your critical industrial control systems. Get your copy here.

June 30, 20162 years ago

Technical Seminar : Recent developments in oil analysis and condition monitoring of power transformers

Discover the best available techniques to keep your power transformers in good shape

You observe gassing in your insulating oil, but you're not sure whether it's stray gassing or a problem with your transformer? You're looking for new and better ways to identify insulation paper degradation? You want to know which option is best to maximize the reliability of your diagnostics: oil analyses or electrical measurements? You will find the answers to these and many other questions during Laborelec’s two-day technical seminar ‘Recent developments in oil analysis and condition monitoring of power transformers’.

In collaboration with:
CC Jensen, Morgan Schaffer, Shell, Vaisala, Camlin Power, Ergon, CG Power Systems

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February 26, 20153 years ago

End is in sight for EnAlgae (European algae project)

2015 is the final year for the EnAlgae project, and after four years’ study, experimentation and dissemination the end is now very firmly in sight. Partners working on the project are busy finishing off reports and working on presenting their final conclusions. This will come to fruition when the project holds its final close-out conference in the Autumn. The event is due to take place in Brussels on 29th and 30th September. Further details on this event will be published in due course.

Laborelec is contributing to EnAlgae by helping to define and develop the decision support tool, a major output of the project. The tool will be used provide investors and policy-makers with the necessary means to tailor algal-based energy solutions to particular physical and social conditions within NWE.

January 27, 20154 years ago

Water footprinting of electricity generated by combined cycle gas turbines using different cooling technologies: a practitioner's experience

Efforts undertaken for reducing environmental impacts of energy production have been primarily focused on carbon reduction while the fact that energy production also requires water has been largely overlooked. During the last decade, and despite the fact that global warming still remains today the focus of many environmental evaluations, water scarcity issues have increasingly received attention. Despite the fact that recently, an increasing demand for large industrial companies to calculate and report on their water footprint exists, water resources have only recently been addressed in life cycle assessment (LCA) and their assessment still lacks wide application. The paper presents a practitioner's experience with respect to the application of three recently developed water footprinting methodologies that are considered as current-state-of-the-art. Water footprinting of electricity generated by combined cycle gas turbines using different cooling technologies: a practitioner's experience (Request full-text ResearchGate)