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April 15, 20153 years ago

Biomass Counts

The importance of biomass as part of a strong and competitive low carbon economy is highlighted in a major new campaign initiative sponsored by the European Biomass Association AEBIOM, of which GDF SUEZ is a member, represented by Laborelec.

The Biomass Counts campaign argues that biomass will continue to be a vital component of our energy mix into the medium and long term. It turns the spotlight on what is needed to assure the continued growth of the bioenergy sector.

Among other measures the initiative calls for an EU action plan for the heating and cooling sector, with an agreed strategy for legally binding sustainability criteria. For more information, please visit

March 9, 20153 years ago

Wood pellets and biomass: Health and safety first

Wood pellets and biomass cannot be considered entirely harmless in the work environment. This is the key message of a recent article in Bioenergy International. In the article, Yves Ryckmans, Chief Technologist Biomass of Laborelec, discusses the potential health risks for staff exposed long term to wood dust.