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February 26, 20153 years ago

End is in sight for EnAlgae (European algae project)

2015 is the final year for the EnAlgae project, and after four years’ study, experimentation and dissemination the end is now very firmly in sight. Partners working on the project are busy finishing off reports and working on presenting their final conclusions. This will come to fruition when the project holds its final close-out conference in the Autumn. The event is due to take place in Brussels on 29th and 30th September. Further details on this event will be published in due course.

Laborelec is contributing to EnAlgae by helping to define and develop the decision support tool, a major output of the project. The tool will be used provide investors and policy-makers with the necessary means to tailor algal-based energy solutions to particular physical and social conditions within NWE.

March 1, 20135 years ago

Minutes of the industrial wood pellet trading in Europe meetings (Nov-Dec-Jan)

Standardizing industrial wood pellet trading in Europe

The IWPB was launched by GDF SUEZ and unites utility firms that fire large quantities of wood pellets. The goal is to enable the trading of industrial wood pellets among the partnering companies.

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More information about IWPB

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April 6, 20126 years ago

MARCH 2012: focus on emissions and water chemistry, biology, and treatment

Water treatment pathogen analysis laboratory research

  • Solving distilled water flow instability in Saudi Arabia
  • Helping optimize the sustainability of power generation
  • Developing and testing a dynamic model for PCCC units (Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
  • Study on PCCC emission measurements published in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
  • Measuring gas turbine emissions during start-up and shutdown
  • Assisting in the design and commissioning of the first-ever deNOX catalyst for a 100% biomass-fired power plant
  • Testing nitrosamine measurement methods for PCCC pilot plants
  • Pathogen risk management in water systems

MARCH 2012: focus on emissions and water chemistry, biology, and treatment