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October 26, 20126 years ago

Alliander confirms trust in Laborelec’s cable quality assessment

The Dutch distribution network operator Alliander has renewed its contract with Laborelec for quality checks for its medium voltage cables. Laborelec uses an accelerated water tree test that makes it possible to better monitor cable condition, increase cable availability, and evaluate the quality of new cables. Quality assessment is becoming more and more important as cables are increasingly ageing and experiencing more stress due to growing decentralized energy production. In addition, new cable manufacturers are entering the market, but their quality is not yet known.

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October 16, 20126 years ago

Accurate thermal soil measurements prevent cable overheating

Cables are increasingly being installed in soils and, as a result, are more prone to overheating. Laborelec now offers highly accurate thermal soil characterization measurements for medium voltage (MV) cables. Network operators can use this information to select optimal cable trajectories.


May 7, 20126 years ago

APRIL 2012: Focus on power generation

Ultra Super Critical (USC) power plants

  • Technical supervision of the power plant overhaul in Polaniec
  • Direct access to multidisciplinary expert services in the power sector
  • Evaluating the compatibility of new variable frequency drives
  • Accelerating water tree growth reduces time for cable insulation quality check
  • Investigating and tackling condenser water box corrosion
  • Advising USC power plants on possible solutions to T24 material issues
  • Cost-benefit analysis of a gas turbine air inlet filtration system
  • Innovative solution to earthing network measurement challenge
  • Increasing power plant efficiency and flexibility

APRIL 2012: focus on power generation

November 21, 20117 years ago

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Complete monitoring of wind turbines
  • Fostering innovation in renewable energy technology
  • Investigating wind turbine cable connection failure
  • Predicting and reducing wake effects in wind farms
  • Assessing the potential of concentrated photovoltaic units
  • Large-scale, centralized solar power generation
  • Supporting marine energy research in Portugal
  • Taskforce fosters synergies in biogas research
  • Initiative Wood Pellet Buyers (IWPB)
  • Renewable Energy Seminar in Bruges was a success

Newsletter October 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies (pdf)