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December 16, 20144 years ago

Impact of Fast Charging on Battery Ageing in Long Term Real Situation

During the European Electric Vehicle Congress (EEVC) , Laurent De Vroey, Laborelec expert on e-mobility and member of the Scientific Reviewing Committee of the EEVC, presented the results of the study “Impact of Fast Charging on Battery Ageing in Long Term Real Situation”. In this paper, the influence of fast charging on the car battery ageing is considered for a Peugeot iOn car, that was used during a 3-years period in real conditions. The results are compared with those of 4 other Peugeot iOn cars that were used during the same period, but with a standard charging behavior.

After three years, no evidence of any impact of the charging mode on the battery capacity degradation was observed. In particular, no negative impact of the fast charging was found.

October 27, 20117 years ago

Laborelec has been selected to monitor the performance of 75 electric vehicles

A Dutch consortium consisting of the city of Rotterdam, Stedin, and Eneco has selected Laborelec to monitor 75 electric vehicles (EV). The goal is to gain insight in the vehicles’ energy consumption, their energy exchange with the electrical grid, and the loading behaviour of their batteries. Laborelec’s experience with EVs was a main contributor to its selection. Our experts are actively involved in EV research; for instance in the Flemish LINEAR project. We are also conducting an EV monitoring campaign for Electrabel and Cofely Services.