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November 28, 20171 year ago

Our new brochure “Electromagnetic compatibility laboratory” is now online !

  • Examination of compliance with EMC standards
  • CE Marking
  • 2014/30/EC EMC Directive
  • Emission and Immunity tests
  • Measurement of electromagnetic fields
Get your copy here.
March 2, 20162 years ago

Training course Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Goal of the training

Techniques earth fault in industrial installations
Avoid production perturbations within electrical installations

Target Audience

The audience target of this 3-days training is mainly focused on electricians and installations designers

Foreseen EMC training

We may also organize a session for your company on your own site with your own specific demands regarding EMC needs. This is valuable for your company if you have more than 6 persons attending the training. For this specific request please contact us.


Please contact Ms Christine Bourdeaux (Mobile: +32 (0)478652502).
July 27, 20126 years ago

Investigating complex electromagnetic problems with finite element simulations

Conducting measurements on equipment is sometimes not possible due to, for instance, geometry, location, or even budget restrictions. In these cases, Laborelec can still provide accurate information thanks to its extensive simulation capacity.

Laborelec uses the finite element method to construct realistic models of cable joints, high-voltage cables, and complex earthing networks, among other things. In our models, we include the equipment’s geometric and material characteristics. We also incorporate boundary conditions, such as the amount of current or voltage, or the temperature to which the equipment is exposed. Using our models, we can carry out numerous types of simulations, from electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic to current, voltage, and heat simulations. These simulations can provide valuable information in a large number of complex problems.

June 8, 20126 years ago

MAY 2012: FOCUS ON Power Grids and Energy End-Use

  • Meeting the increasing demand for smart energy solutions
  • Integrated approach to efficiently tackle DNOs’ multidisciplinary challenges
  • Multisite energy consumption study
  • Analyzing electric vehicle monitoring data throughout the year
  • Technical support throughout the entire transformer life cycle
  • Optimizing household smart energy management systems
  • Investigating complex electromagnetic problems with finite element simulations
  • Avoiding grid congestion: Implementing electrical demand response in power grids

Laborelec News May 2012: Power Grids and Energy End-Use

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