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November 29, 20171 year ago

Upgrade yourself with skills for the future
Our 2018 training catalogue is now online

Drawing from our wide-ranging expertise and cutting-edge experience, we now offer an extensive selection of training for companies and individuals interested in how the energy world and its technologies are changing.

Industrial cyber security, 3D printing, renewables, powers transformers, rotating machines and lighting are just some of the areas covered, but there’s much, much more!

Our mission? Simply to share our expertise and provide others with the tools, information and guidance to make the very best use of it. Convinced? Sign-up fast, places are limited! Find out more in our training catalogue with calendar.

November 22, 20162 years ago

Upgrade yourself with skills for the future
Our 2017 training catalogue is now online

With our 240 specialist experts and the experience that comes from more than 50 years working with customers and partners, we are pleased to be able to pass on our knowledge and skills in a new range of training courses. Subjects include Power transformers - Rotating machines – Lighting technology - Electrical influence - Corrosion protection - Explosive atmosphere (ATEX) - Automation/Process Control – Combustion - Water chemistry - Welding technology - Non-destructive testing – Root cause analysis - Materials technology – Vibration – Monitoring – Performance - Industrial cyber security - Energy efficiency - Project management. Get your copy of our training catalogue with calendar.

September 19, 20144 years ago

Laborelec helps company Poco Loco to lower its Energy Performance Indicator by about 15% and to achieve the ISO-50001 certificate

Already delivering efforts for years to reduce its ecological footprint with the help of Laborelec, the achievement of the ISO-50001 certificate confirms the efficient energy management of Poco Loco and will help to refine its energy performance even more.

In 2005, Poco Loco joined the Auditconvenant Vlaanderen allowing it to challenge its process efficiency on both production sites. Together with Laborelec, the Energy Performance Indicators of both production sites were lowered by 14.4% and 17.7% in 2013 in comparison with 2005.

Beginning 2013, the Poco Loco management decided to further improve the system by focusing on the requirements of the ISO-50001 standard followed by a certification from a recognized institution. To achieve this, an energy team was founded, consisting of Poco Loco employees, a apprentice of the Gent University and the support of experts from Laborelec.

Poco Loco is one of the first companies in Belgium to achieve the ISO-50001 certificate for energy management.

August 22, 20135 years ago

Ready to save millions ?

Prioritize the projects that make a difference

Given the ever increasing fuel costs and decreasing energy prices, power plants are seeing their margins declining fast. Improving efficiency is one way to safeguard your margin. But which improvement projects have the highest potential savings? Laborelec’s coaching helps you prioritize your efforts and get everybody involved to achieve results quickly, as illustrated by the case of an Australian plant.


June 6, 20135 years ago

Smart Home Energy LAB (SHEL): Towards Smart Household Appliances

Electrical appliances capable of starting up when energy is available and cheaper? Within the framework of SHEL (Smart Home Energy Lab) Laborelec is working on integrating this type of automated management system for all households.

Companies today are used to the implementation of sophisticated energy efficiency processes. Still, in households, the means of optimizing energy consumption and cost remain inconsequential. In the best of cases, they are limited to starting up electrical appliances when the tariff changes to night rates, a solution that does not adapt well to any evolution towards renewable energies in the energy mix. How can you make electrical appliances work, for example, when the wind and the sun are generating abundant and cheaper electricity – or vice-versa, how do you limit the use of household appliances during peak demand?


November 22, 20126 years ago

Energy efficiency check-up for coal-fired power plants

Laborelec has developed a multidisciplinary approach for conducting energy efficiency improvement check-ups for coal-fired power plants. In September 2012, a mixed team of Laborelec and BEE experts performed a first improvement check-up at the Gelderland Coal-Fired Power Plant in the Netherlands. The check-up focuses on numerous domains, such as the implementation of variable speed drives, heat recovery from bottom ashes, air pre-heater leak reduction, and so on. The methodology is based on Laborelec’s field experience account the efficiency improvement potential that was identified during some of our recent research projects, including implementing steam turbine brush seals and intelligent soot blowing.

In 2013, the methodology will be extended to gas-fired power plants.

Contact us for an energy efficiency check-up of your power plant.

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September 27, 20117 years ago

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