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February 8, 20136 years ago

Get more out of your transformer

Transformer solutions, from purchase till end-of-life

How can one select the best transformer, take the correct maintenance actions, and deal with equipment failure? Laborelec has developed a transformer package that offers advice and support for all kinds of transformers throughout their entire lifetimes. This enables industrial customers to reduce unforeseen future costs and get more out of their transformers.



November 22, 20126 years ago

Energy efficiency check-up for coal-fired power plants

Laborelec has developed a multidisciplinary approach for conducting energy efficiency improvement check-ups for coal-fired power plants. In September 2012, a mixed team of Laborelec and BEE experts performed a first improvement check-up at the Gelderland Coal-Fired Power Plant in the Netherlands. The check-up focuses on numerous domains, such as the implementation of variable speed drives, heat recovery from bottom ashes, air pre-heater leak reduction, and so on. The methodology is based on Laborelec’s field experience account the efficiency improvement potential that was identified during some of our recent research projects, including implementing steam turbine brush seals and intelligent soot blowing.

In 2013, the methodology will be extended to gas-fired power plants.

Contact us for an energy efficiency check-up of your power plant.

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June 8, 20126 years ago

MAY 2012: FOCUS ON Power Grids and Energy End-Use

  • Meeting the increasing demand for smart energy solutions
  • Integrated approach to efficiently tackle DNOs’ multidisciplinary challenges
  • Multisite energy consumption study
  • Analyzing electric vehicle monitoring data throughout the year
  • Technical support throughout the entire transformer life cycle
  • Optimizing household smart energy management systems
  • Investigating complex electromagnetic problems with finite element simulations
  • Avoiding grid congestion: Implementing electrical demand response in power grids

Laborelec News May 2012: Power Grids and Energy End-Use

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September 27, 20117 years ago

Newsletter June 2011: Focus on electricity grids and end-use

  • Flemish project to test energy management systems
  • Towards an eco-efficient cooling system
  • At the forefront of energy management
  • Smart Lab brings together residential energy technologies
  • Improved interfacing between substation automation components
  • Offshore energy storage: what’s its potential?
  • Optimal design and operational excellence of electrical power systems
  • Supporting companies in the third phase of the Emission Trading system

Newsletter June 2011: Focus on electricity grids and end-use (pdf)