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September 19, 20144 years ago

Laborelec helps company Poco Loco to lower its Energy Performance Indicator by about 15% and to achieve the ISO-50001 certificate

Already delivering efforts for years to reduce its ecological footprint with the help of Laborelec, the achievement of the ISO-50001 certificate confirms the efficient energy management of Poco Loco and will help to refine its energy performance even more.

In 2005, Poco Loco joined the Auditconvenant Vlaanderen allowing it to challenge its process efficiency on both production sites. Together with Laborelec, the Energy Performance Indicators of both production sites were lowered by 14.4% and 17.7% in 2013 in comparison with 2005.

Beginning 2013, the Poco Loco management decided to further improve the system by focusing on the requirements of the ISO-50001 standard followed by a certification from a recognized institution. To achieve this, an energy team was founded, consisting of Poco Loco employees, a apprentice of the Gent University and the support of experts from Laborelec.

Poco Loco is one of the first companies in Belgium to achieve the ISO-50001 certificate for energy management.