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November 19, 20144 years ago

Laborelec tests electric cars at the race circuit of Francorchamps

Laborelec participated in an event at the race circuit of Francorchamps on November 17th, jointly organized with Campus Automobile Spa-Francorchamps and the European ENEVATE project.

Besides an exclusive opportunity to test electric cars on the well-known circuit, the event was an opportunity for Laborelec to share its vision on the so-called “EV smart charging”. Laborelec has built a strong experience with EVs through several pilot projects, within and outside GDF SUEZ. Laborelec is namely evaluating the charging issues, and the advantages that EVs can bring to the user, the energy supplier and the grid operator, when the charging cycles are properly controlled.

Laborelec tests electric cars at the race circuit of Francorchamps

November 3, 20144 years ago

Creation of GDF SUEZ batteries laboratory at Laborelec

The GDF SUEZ Batteries Laboratory was created at Laborelec in June 2014. Objectives are to develop the capability to anticipate the evolutions of battery technologies in terms of cost and performances. Next to this, the lab enables GDF SUEZ to become the best at choosing, and using the appropriate battery technology for a given user case and gives the possibility to gain electrochemistry competences and experience on relevant batteries technologies. This will be achieved by developing academic sponsorships worldwide at leading universities and research institutes in this field, extending the testing facilities in Linkebeek and conducting field pilots via collaborative projects throughout the world.