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February 8, 20163 years ago

19 - 20 April 2016
Technical Seminar : Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oils

Oil varnishing, oxidation and phosphate ester degradation are among the most threatening problems for both gas and steam turbines. Fortunately, there are ways to detect and remedy these issues efficiently and effectively. Discover the best available lubricating oil analysis techniques and contamination control procedures during the two-day seminar ‘Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oils’ in Dubai. Applying these techniques will enable you to improve the reliability and availability of your equipment.

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April 4, 20135 years ago

Training Course Combustion Technology on GE/SIEMENS/ALSTOM Gasturbines

On request of the ONG, Mr. Hannes Laget of Laborelec organized a training session on combustion in Gasturbines in Dubai. There was a 2 day session for GE machines and a 2 day session for Siemens/Alstom machines.

During the first day of each session the basics of combustion technology were addressed with special attention to the design philosophy of DLN combustion systems and the impact on emissions. Possible combustion issues such as combustion instabilities and flash back were explained. Also the fuel specifications, combustion chemistry and combustion dynamics were treated during that first day. The second day the focus was on the specific design and control philosophy of the GE, Siemens and Alstom machines. Special attention was given to why and how to follow up the tuning of the combustion system.

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November 16, 20126 years ago

Facing the challenge of decentralized energy generation

How do new flexibility demands affect your power plant?

Coal-fired and combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant operators are increasingly taking measures to become more flexible. It is difficult to determine the effects of this on plant equipment and life time expectancy, but Laborelec is aiming to do just that.


May 7, 20126 years ago

APRIL 2012: Focus on power generation

Ultra Super Critical (USC) power plants

  • Technical supervision of the power plant overhaul in Polaniec
  • Direct access to multidisciplinary expert services in the power sector
  • Evaluating the compatibility of new variable frequency drives
  • Accelerating water tree growth reduces time for cable insulation quality check
  • Investigating and tackling condenser water box corrosion
  • Advising USC power plants on possible solutions to T24 material issues
  • Cost-benefit analysis of a gas turbine air inlet filtration system
  • Innovative solution to earthing network measurement challenge
  • Increasing power plant efficiency and flexibility

APRIL 2012: focus on power generation

April 6, 20126 years ago

MARCH 2012: focus on emissions and water chemistry, biology, and treatment

Water treatment pathogen analysis laboratory research

  • Solving distilled water flow instability in Saudi Arabia
  • Helping optimize the sustainability of power generation
  • Developing and testing a dynamic model for PCCC units (Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
  • Study on PCCC emission measurements published in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control
  • Measuring gas turbine emissions during start-up and shutdown
  • Assisting in the design and commissioning of the first-ever deNOX catalyst for a 100% biomass-fired power plant
  • Testing nitrosamine measurement methods for PCCC pilot plants
  • Pathogen risk management in water systems

MARCH 2012: focus on emissions and water chemistry, biology, and treatment

March 9, 20126 years ago


material technologies non-destructive testing and condition assessment disc analysis

  • Independent technical advice prevents unnecessary, expensive compressor upgrade in Saudi Arabia
  • Ensuring objective, comprehensive condition assessments
  • Verifying component quality before delivery: Auditing a Chinese supplier of bellow expansion joints
  • New crack detection tool for gas turbine discs
  • Identifying the best coating to protect gas turbine mixing chambers against wear
  • University students attend NDT course in the Laborelec laboratories
  • Root cause analysis of steam turbine blade cracks in the US