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June 20, 20188 months ago

New microwebsite "SCR Catalyst testing" is now online

Why is SCR catalyst testing so important?

Reducing costs in deNOx plants through extending SCR catalyst lifetime and finding optimal asset management scenarios begins with a trustworthy and unbiased assessment of the condition of the catalysts. But SCR catalyst testing can be tricky, since selecting the right tests calls for the right questions to be asked first. At ENGIE Laborelec, you’ve come to the right place. We perform the complete range of regular and more specialized SCR catalyst tests. You get unbiased support to fit your objectives, independently from the original equipment manufacturer or regeneration company.

Take a look at our brand new SCR Catalyst Testing website

March 2, 20171 year ago


Catalytic deNOX systems are costly, and catalysts have to be replaced regularly. But what you may not already be aware of is that the CAPEX and OPEX of deNOX systems can still be significantly reduced, typically up to 100,000 € a year. Want to know how? Get your copy of our brochure here or contact us for an in-depth consultation. Our experts will explore with you any opportunities for improvement, evaluating how realistic these are, while bringing all the necessary elements to calculate the gains to be made.

October 26, 20162 years ago

How cyber-safe are your industrial
control systems?

Our new brochure “Industrial control systems - Attractive targets for cyber-attacks” is now available. From a detailed assessment of your current cyber security status to full 24/7 monitoring, ENGIE Lab Laborelec combines IT and ICS knowledge to successfully combat and prevent cyber-attacks. Our five-point end-to-end programme safeguards your critical industrial control systems. Get your copy here.