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April 9, 20135 years ago

Innovative LED lighting concept for Wuppertal

The city government of Wuppertal (Germany) is transforming an old railway line into a walking/ cycling path that connects the various city centres in the valley. Laborelec designed an innovative LED lighting solution to safeguard the bats’ habitat and ensure the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

The tunnels’ ceilings need to be as dark as possible to not disturb the bats, but, on the other hand, they also need to be well-lit to ensure the safety of the people walking and cycling through them. Based on its vast experience with LED tests, Laborelec was able to use the LEDs’ sharp cut off angle to position them in such a way that they only illuminate the bottom part of the tunnel and keep the top part dark. The effectiveness of the solution was confirmed through simulations and on-site tests. Currently, the concept is being implemented in Wuppertal. Laborelec drew up the technical specifications itself and will carry out on-site measurements to ensure that these specifications are met. The entire project should be completed before summer 2013.

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