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April 29, 20135 years ago

Laborelec at the 2013 CIRED Conference

From June 10 to 13, 2013, Laborelec will play a prominent role in the 22nd CIRED Conference in Stockholm (Sweden). CIRED is the leading forum for the international electricity distribution community and is dedicated to the design, construction, and operation of public distribution systems and large installations using electrical energy in industry, services, and transport. Laborelec has always been a major contributor to these conferences. For this year’s edition, Laborelec will have six experts presenting eleven papers in the fields of network components, power quality, planning of power distribution systems, and the electricity marketplace and impact of regulation.

For more information and a complete overview of all the papers that will be presented:

April 15, 20135 years ago

What are the limits to reducing power grid loss?

Multidisciplinary investigation uncovers issues for African grid operator

Can grid losses be limited to 6 percent for a local grid that experiences proportionally increasing loads? That was the challenge Laborelec accepted from the grid operator of a rapidly expanding African metropolis. The limitation of grid losses is necessary in order to extend the grid operator’s management contract until 2014.


February 19, 20136 years ago

Assessing the impact of a new high voltage (HV) power line

Belgian HV grid operator Elia is planning the installation of a 380 kV line between the cities of Lillo and Zandvliet. Many companies located in the region between these cities have contacted Laborelec regarding the impact of the planned HV line on their pipelines. Laborelec has started carrying out assessments at each industrial site, especially focusing on the safety of staff that are in contact with the pipelines, as well as on pipeline corrosion.

February 8, 20136 years ago

Get more out of your transformer

Transformer solutions, from purchase till end-of-life

How can one select the best transformer, take the correct maintenance actions, and deal with equipment failure? Laborelec has developed a transformer package that offers advice and support for all kinds of transformers throughout their entire lifetimes. This enables industrial customers to reduce unforeseen future costs and get more out of their transformers.



October 26, 20126 years ago

Alliander confirms trust in Laborelec’s cable quality assessment

The Dutch distribution network operator Alliander has renewed its contract with Laborelec for quality checks for its medium voltage cables. Laborelec uses an accelerated water tree test that makes it possible to better monitor cable condition, increase cable availability, and evaluate the quality of new cables. Quality assessment is becoming more and more important as cables are increasingly ageing and experiencing more stress due to growing decentralized energy production. In addition, new cable manufacturers are entering the market, but their quality is not yet known.

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October 20, 20126 years ago

Presenting new transformer ageing method at Cigré in Paris

Laborelec is one of the few laboratories worldwide that has developed a method for using methanol as an ageing marker for transformer insulating paper. The method allows for more accurate condition and lifetime assessment of transformers, including the new generation. We have already applied the method in the nuclear sector and were invited to present the results of our first application at the 2012 Cigré (International Council of Large Electric Systems) Session in Paris.

Interesting links:

October 16, 20126 years ago

Ten shutdowns in two years

How to protect plants against voltage dips in the public grid?

Imagine a plant being shut down ten times in two years due to lightning strikes and other incidents disrupting the public grid. Reasons enough for a coal-fired power plant in Panama to contact Laborelec for an extensive, multidisciplinary safety audit.


June 8, 20126 years ago

MAY 2012: FOCUS ON Power Grids and Energy End-Use

  • Meeting the increasing demand for smart energy solutions
  • Integrated approach to efficiently tackle DNOs’ multidisciplinary challenges
  • Multisite energy consumption study
  • Analyzing electric vehicle monitoring data throughout the year
  • Technical support throughout the entire transformer life cycle
  • Optimizing household smart energy management systems
  • Investigating complex electromagnetic problems with finite element simulations
  • Avoiding grid congestion: Implementing electrical demand response in power grids

Laborelec News May 2012: Power Grids and Energy End-Use

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May 7, 20126 years ago

APRIL 2012: Focus on power generation

Ultra Super Critical (USC) power plants

  • Technical supervision of the power plant overhaul in Polaniec
  • Direct access to multidisciplinary expert services in the power sector
  • Evaluating the compatibility of new variable frequency drives
  • Accelerating water tree growth reduces time for cable insulation quality check
  • Investigating and tackling condenser water box corrosion
  • Advising USC power plants on possible solutions to T24 material issues
  • Cost-benefit analysis of a gas turbine air inlet filtration system
  • Innovative solution to earthing network measurement challenge
  • Increasing power plant efficiency and flexibility

APRIL 2012: focus on power generation

October 27, 20117 years ago

Laborelec has been selected to monitor the performance of 75 electric vehicles

A Dutch consortium consisting of the city of Rotterdam, Stedin, and Eneco has selected Laborelec to monitor 75 electric vehicles (EV). The goal is to gain insight in the vehicles’ energy consumption, their energy exchange with the electrical grid, and the loading behaviour of their batteries. Laborelec’s experience with EVs was a main contributor to its selection. Our experts are actively involved in EV research; for instance in the Flemish LINEAR project. We are also conducting an EV monitoring campaign for Electrabel and Cofely Services.