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June 20, 20189 months ago

New microwebsite "SCR Catalyst testing" is now online

Why is SCR catalyst testing so important?

Reducing costs in deNOx plants through extending SCR catalyst lifetime and finding optimal asset management scenarios begins with a trustworthy and unbiased assessment of the condition of the catalysts. But SCR catalyst testing can be tricky, since selecting the right tests calls for the right questions to be asked first. At ENGIE Laborelec, you’ve come to the right place. We perform the complete range of regular and more specialized SCR catalyst tests. You get unbiased support to fit your objectives, independently from the original equipment manufacturer or regeneration company.

Take a look at our brand new SCR Catalyst Testing website

October 13, 20171 year ago

The new LVMS: Why make the change

Launched in 1985, ENGIE Laborelec’s Vibration Monitoring System (LVMS) now has more than 100 satisfied users worldwide, who appreciate its crucial role in assessing the condition of large turbogroups.

So, why make the change?

Because technology has evolved and has meant that ENGIE Laborelec could turn LVMS into a more compact and robust system fit for the latest IT standards that is even easier to install and maintain. And all of this without compromising the tool’s ease of use.

More info on the new LVMS: Why make the change

February 8, 20163 years ago

19 - 20 April 2016
Technical Seminar : Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oils

Oil varnishing, oxidation and phosphate ester degradation are among the most threatening problems for both gas and steam turbines. Fortunately, there are ways to detect and remedy these issues efficiently and effectively. Discover the best available lubricating oil analysis techniques and contamination control procedures during the two-day seminar ‘Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oils’ in Dubai. Applying these techniques will enable you to improve the reliability and availability of your equipment.

More information

March 10, 20145 years ago

Identifying the true cause of any technical problem

Equipment root cause failure analysis tube weldingMaximizing the reliability of your equipment When your equipment does not operate within the expected specifications or experiences a breakdown, it is important to identify the root cause of the problem. Only in this way, a durable solution can be worked out to prevent reoccurrence of the problem and minimize future costs. A correct root cause failure analysis also provides vital information for the insurance company. Finally, if the root cause is identified, similar equipment can be screened for the same problem and preventive maintenance can be executed.

But what is the best approach to identify the true cause of the problem?

January 16, 20145 years ago

Condition monitoring of turbine blades

Blade tip timing system leads to improved operational flexibilityBlade tip timing

The increased demand for operational flexibility causes low pressure turbines to be more often run under sub-optimal conditions. This leaves them more susceptible to blade vibrations, which can ultimately damage the blade. Through blade tip timing, operators can better estimate the risk of vibrations and adjust plant operation accordingly. Laborelec managed to bring this theoretical concept into practice by installing a tip timing system in the steam turbine of the French DK6 Power Plant in Dunkerque .

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November 19, 20135 years ago

Sense of urgency in Central America

Quick and smart response avoids long and risky repairLaborelec urgency repair Central America Panama

When a power plant faces an unplanned outage, the losses can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. That was the case for a critical power plant in Central America when one of its units had a damaged rotor. Thanks to Laborelec’s quick reaction and technical expertise, a long and risky repair process was avoided. Here’s an account of how this issue was addressed.

1 July 2013:

Unexpected cracks are found in the rotor blades and shrouds during a routine maintenance inspection. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is charged with investigating the issue.

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October 23, 20135 years ago

Initiative Wood Pellets Buyers has been transformed into Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP)

logo SBP sustainable biomass partnerMain reasons are that the focus will not be only on wood pellets but on solid biomass as a whole. SBP has got a new governance system with new board, director and sounding board. Not only biomass buyers are contributing to SBP but also specialists in corporate social responsibility and experts in forestry.

Go to the Sustainable Biomass Partnership (SBP) page for more information and the minutes of the SBP meetings


September 13, 20135 years ago

Laborelec Chile SpA, a new subsidiary of Laborelec

Laborelec Chile SpA, a new subsidiary of Laborelec, the GDF SUEZ research center for electrical power and new energy technologies, has won a call from the Chilean Economic Development Agency for the creation of an International Center of Excellence in Chile.

Laborelec Chile will officially start in January 2014 and will perform research in the fields of Renewable Energy and Eco-Efficiency, with specific projects on the integration of solar-based energy systems and on low-footprint power generation. Laborelec Chile will cooperate closely with local academic research centers and other centers of excellence, and will enable the fast take-up by Chilean industry and utilities of the solutions and expertise resulting from its international research programs. In this way, Laborelec Chile will contribute to Chile’s competitiveness and sustainability, in particular to an eco-efficient Chile fully benefiting from renewable energy.

LABORELEC is a research center and technical expertise service provider, specialized in electrical power and new energy technology. With its 250 researchers and experts, LABORELEC covers the entire electrical power value chain, from generation (including nuclear, gas-fired, coal-fired and renewable energy plants), over transmission and distribution, up to and including energy end-use. LABORELEC is a subsidiary of Electrabel and part of the GDF SUEZ Research and Innovation network of research centers and entities, and is co-owned with Belgian Distribution Network Operators. LABORELEC is based in Linkebeek near Brussels (Belgium) and has branch offices in Maastricht (Netherlands), Wuppertal (Germany) and Bahrein.

August 22, 20135 years ago

Ready to save millions ?

Prioritize the projects that make a difference

Given the ever increasing fuel costs and decreasing energy prices, power plants are seeing their margins declining fast. Improving efficiency is one way to safeguard your margin. But which improvement projects have the highest potential savings? Laborelec’s coaching helps you prioritize your efforts and get everybody involved to achieve results quickly, as illustrated by the case of an Australian plant.


May 30, 20135 years ago

Optimizing combustion processes throughout Europe

Combustion inefficiencies, slagging, and elevated emissions of NOX and CO are common problems resulting from imbalances in coal-fired power plant boilers. Laborelec uses mobile EUtech EUflame 2D sensors, a two-dimensional temperature measurement system, to visualize such imbalances and optimize the combustion process. The sensors were already successfully implemented in various power plants in Belgium, Germany, and other European countries.

More info on Laborelec combustion and emissions technology