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PV Powered Car

June 17, 20135 years ago

Laborelec and the Punch Powertrain Solar Team go for performance through reliability.

solarteam indupol one PV powered vehicle 01The Punch Powertrain Solar Team of the KULeuven (Campus Groep T) participates since many years to the World Solar Challenge, a race through Australia for solar PV powered cars.  This year, Laborelec has taken up the task to ensure the electric integrity of the future Solar Car: the Indupol One.  Support will be provided to the young entrepreneurs of the Solar Team for reviewing the electrics and electronics in order to boost the reliability of the full vehicle.  Improving the reliability means improving their chance of conquering the first place in Australia at the World Solar Challenge 2013.   

We are happy to contribute to this ambitious goal, and we will keep you updated on their progress.