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January 7, 20136 years ago

Early fault detection tool prevents major generator damage in a European CCGT power plant

Using its early fault detection tool, Laborelec was able to identify a dangerous temperature increase in the generator of one of the units of a European CCGT power plant in the Netherlands near the end of November. After having notified the local operator, the unit was immediately shut down for closer investigation. Various tests revealed that parts of the generator’s stator had been damaged.

Without Laborelec’s SmartSignal detection tool, the plant would never have detected the problem before the temperature reached 150°C. By that point, the damage could have been catastrophic. It could have necessitated a complete replacement of the generator, which is vastly more expensive than replacing the damaged stator parts.

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September 27, 20126 years ago

Detecting generator rotor shorted turns

Flux probe monitoring and vibration monitoring offer double defensive belt

Changes in a machine’s vibration behaviour can indicate various problems. Vibration monitoring helps detect and diagnose these problems at an early stage. Rotor flux monitoring is a specific tool for detecting shorted turns in generator field windings. Based on these complementary monitoring systems, Laborelec managed to quickly address potential generator rotor issues in two Belgian power plants. The presence of shorted turns in generator field windings is an electrical problem. It has a direct impact on the generator’s integrity and can have indirect mechanical consequences, such as vibrations. Hence, it is essential to detect and address shorted turns as quickly as possible in order to prevent further damage and a potential outage.

January 9, 20127 years ago

NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2011: Condition Monitoring

Vibration monitoring

  • Five years of remote power plant condition monitoring
  • Helping plant operators preserve the mechanical condition of their equipment 
  • Early detection of generator temperature increase at Drogenbos Power Plant 
  • Vibration measurements help solve old bearing problem 
  • Vibration measurements reveal lubrication problem 
  • Vibration analysis training for turbo machines 
  • Laborelec opens Middle East office

Newsletter November 2011: Condition Monitoring

November 21, 20117 years ago

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Complete monitoring of wind turbines
  • Fostering innovation in renewable energy technology
  • Investigating wind turbine cable connection failure
  • Predicting and reducing wake effects in wind farms
  • Assessing the potential of concentrated photovoltaic units
  • Large-scale, centralized solar power generation
  • Supporting marine energy research in Portugal
  • Taskforce fosters synergies in biogas research
  • Initiative Wood Pellet Buyers (IWPB)
  • Renewable Energy Seminar in Bruges was a success

Newsletter October 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies (pdf)