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November 29, 20171 year ago

Upgrade yourself with skills for the future
Our 2018 training catalogue is now online

Drawing from our wide-ranging expertise and cutting-edge experience, we now offer an extensive selection of training for companies and individuals interested in how the energy world and its technologies are changing.

Industrial cyber security, 3D printing, renewables, powers transformers, rotating machines and lighting are just some of the areas covered, but there’s much, much more!

Our mission? Simply to share our expertise and provide others with the tools, information and guidance to make the very best use of it. Convinced? Sign-up fast, places are limited! Find out more in our training catalogue with calendar.

April 20, 20153 years ago

VGB Workshop “Materials and Quality Assurance”

The VGB Technical Committee “Materials and Quality Assurance” organizes its 3rd International Workshop Materials and Quality Assurance on 29/30 April 2015 at the premises of Laborelec in Linkebeek, Belgium.

In the workshop lectures of Lifetime Assessment, Flexibility, Materials/Components, Pumps and Renewable Energy will be presented. One of the main topics is handling damages in boiler circulation pumps.

More info on VGB Workshop “Materials and Quality Assurance”
April 8, 20144 years ago

Project KOEMPEL : First-of-a-kind smart grid at an industrial park

A consortium consisting of research universities, governmental bodies and industrial partners has successfully filed a project in the smart grid innovation tender organized by the Dutch government at the end of 2013. The partners will transform business park ‘De Beitel’ in Heerlen into a smart grid. Companies within this business park will be equiped by state of the art ICT-technology which enables them to optimize their electricity consumption taking into account the influences of renewable energy. Consequently, they can reduce investments and operational cost in the local distribution grid. With this hands-on project with a short duration of 2 years, the consortium will make the concept ‘smart grid’ tangible by delivering societal benefits.

Consortium partners Laborelec (lead partner), TU Eindhoven, Centre of Expertise Neber, Hogeschool Zuyd, Enexis and Cofely
Project duration : 2014-2015

October 15, 20126 years ago

Laborelec hosts MGPE2012 (Metier Generation Platform Europe 2012)

Laborelec meeting metier generation platform 2012On the 10th and 11th of October, BEE has organised the MGPE, a two day workshop meeting of power plant specialists and managers. The 190 participants were coming from all of the BEE generation entities. The mainly technical topics of the meeting were directly focused on the key initiatives for Generation in the context of BE Energized 15 : improving performance of gas-fired, coal-fired and renewable generation assets, increasing power plant flexibility and conserving low utilisation assets. In the tradition of similar meetings in previous years, the meeting was hosted by Laborelec, the research and expertise center depending from BEE Metier Generation and DRI.

November 21, 20117 years ago

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Complete monitoring of wind turbines
  • Fostering innovation in renewable energy technology
  • Investigating wind turbine cable connection failure
  • Predicting and reducing wake effects in wind farms
  • Assessing the potential of concentrated photovoltaic units
  • Large-scale, centralized solar power generation
  • Supporting marine energy research in Portugal
  • Taskforce fosters synergies in biogas research
  • Initiative Wood Pellet Buyers (IWPB)
  • Renewable Energy Seminar in Bruges was a success

Newsletter October 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies (pdf)