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February 21, 20181 year ago

20-23 March 2018: Technical seminar: Oil analysis: Recent developments and best practices in condition monitoring

In cooperation with Tan Delta (

Power transformers and their insulation oils: Recent developments and best practices in condition monitoring
Manilla, 20th-21st of March 2018

Turbines and their lubricant/hydraulic oils: Recent developments and best practices in condition monitoring
Manilla, 22nd-23rd of March 2018

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March 26, 20135 years ago

Sharepart step-up transformer installed at Wilhelmshaven Power Plant

Request for Spare received on 15th of January from our German colleagues to help them out for the unforeseen outage on their step-up transformer. Delivery on site and Transfer of Title happened the 5th of February.

Last Friday, 22th of March, the 400kV transformer has been energized. During the week-end it ran under no load and starting from today the Power Plant its auxiliaries will be connected.

Due to the firm collaboration of the local technical team (S. Blind), Laborelec (M. Heylen), MP&C/MCC teams (Ch. Bouwmeester, M. Laire) and Sharepart - GDF SUEZ succeeded in installing the spare transformer of 400 ton in less than 60 calendar days.

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February 8, 20136 years ago

Get more out of your transformer

Transformer solutions, from purchase till end-of-life

How can one select the best transformer, take the correct maintenance actions, and deal with equipment failure? Laborelec has developed a transformer package that offers advice and support for all kinds of transformers throughout their entire lifetimes. This enables industrial customers to reduce unforeseen future costs and get more out of their transformers.



October 20, 20126 years ago

Presenting new transformer ageing method at Cigré in Paris

Laborelec is one of the few laboratories worldwide that has developed a method for using methanol as an ageing marker for transformer insulating paper. The method allows for more accurate condition and lifetime assessment of transformers, including the new generation. We have already applied the method in the nuclear sector and were invited to present the results of our first application at the 2012 Cigré (International Council of Large Electric Systems) Session in Paris.

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July 23, 20126 years ago

NEWS 135: focus on remote monitoring

  • Detecting generator rotor shorted turns
  • Remote condition and quality monitoring offers value in both the short and long run
  • Preventing problems in the water/ steam cycle and demineralization processes
  • Automatically diagnosing water/ steam cycle chemistry-related issues
  • Adapting PQ monitoring to new EN50160 version
  • Remotely processing data from events on New Caledonia’s electrical network
  • Monitoring equipment condition online
  • Multidisciplinary condition monitoring of 52 step-up transformers