Training Course Combustion Technology on GE/SIEMENS/ALSTOM Gasturbines

On request of the ONG, Mr. Hannes Laget of Laborelec organized a training session on combustion in Gasturbines in Dubai. There was a 2 day session for GE machines and a 2 day session for Siemens/Alstom machines.

During the first day of each session the basics of combustion technology were addressed with special attention to the design philosophy of DLN combustion systems and the impact on emissions. Possible combustion issues such as combustion instabilities and flash back were explained. Also the fuel specifications, combustion chemistry and combustion dynamics were treated during that first day. The second day the focus was on the specific design and control philosophy of the GE, Siemens and Alstom machines. Special attention was given to why and how to follow up the tuning of the combustion system.

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