Laborelec Chile SpA, a new subsidiary of Laborelec

Laborelec Chile SpA, a new subsidiary of Laborelec, the GDF SUEZ research center for electrical power and new energy technologies, has won a call from the Chilean Economic Development Agency for the creation of an International Center of Excellence in Chile.

Laborelec Chile will officially start in January 2014 and will perform research in the fields of Renewable Energy and Eco-Efficiency, with specific projects on the integration of solar-based energy systems and on low-footprint power generation. Laborelec Chile will cooperate closely with local academic research centers and other centers of excellence, and will enable the fast take-up by Chilean industry and utilities of the solutions and expertise resulting from its international research programs. In this way, Laborelec Chile will contribute to Chile’s competitiveness and sustainability, in particular to an eco-efficient Chile fully benefiting from renewable energy.

LABORELEC is a research center and technical expertise service provider, specialized in electrical power and new energy technology. With its 250 researchers and experts, LABORELEC covers the entire electrical power value chain, from generation (including nuclear, gas-fired, coal-fired and renewable energy plants), over transmission and distribution, up to and including energy end-use. LABORELEC is a subsidiary of Electrabel and part of the GDF SUEZ Research and Innovation network of research centers and entities, and is co-owned with Belgian Distribution Network Operators. LABORELEC is based in Linkebeek near Brussels (Belgium) and has branch offices in Maastricht (Netherlands), Wuppertal (Germany) and Bahrein.

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