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Oil analysis Laboratory

insulating lubricating oil analysis laboratoryLaborelec’s oil testing laboratory investigates unused and in-service transformer insulating oil as well as lubricating oil. The lab is accreditated ISO 17025 for the most important oil analyses . These analyses enable the assessment of the condition of both transformers and rotating machinery. Our experts can then define the most appropriate maintenance and asset management recommendations.

Transformer oil analysis

A regular assessment of the condition of oil-filled transformers based upon in-depth analysis of insulating oil samples. Transformer oil quality testing  

Rotating machinery Oil Analysis

Laborelec provides condition monitoring services for rotating machines. Trending the analyses of the lubricating oils to get an accurate view of both the condition of the oil and the machinery. Rotating machinery Oil Analysis   

Analysis of PCB in transformer oil

PCB analysis detects the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in transformer oil samples. These toxic organic pollutants were used extensively in transformers for decades because of their ideal properties for use in transformers. Analysis of PCB in transformer oil 


oil analysis publications

  • Brochure: transformer and lubricating Oil analysis


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