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List of Transformer Oil Analyses 

Preventing failures: Condition monitoring for transformers

A regular assessment of the condition of oil-filled transformers based upon in-depth analysis of insulating oil samples.

 Transformer oil Analyses  Standard
 Breakdown voltage (**)  IEC 60156
 Buchholz Gas  IEC 60567
 Chlorine  Laborelec method
 Color and appearance  ISO 2049
 Corrosive sulphur  IEC 62535
 Corrosive sulphur  ISO 5662
 Corrosive sulphur  DIN 51353
 Corrosive sulphur  ASTM D1275B
 Corrosive sulphur (after resin treatment)  IEC 60296
 DBDS  IEC 62697
 Degree of Polymerization  IEC 60450
 Density (**)  ASTM D4052
 Density  ISO 3675
 Dielectric dissipation factor
(alternative fluids, Mineral oil)
 IEC 60247
 Dissolved Gasses (**)  IEC 60567
 Dissolved metals  ASTM D7151
 Filtration (0,8 μm)  ASTM D4055
 Fire Point (Cleveland Open Cup)  ASTM ASTM D92
 Flash point (Pensky Martens CC)  ASTM D93 (Cleveland Open Cup)
 ISO 2719 (Pensky Martens Closed Cup)
 Furans  IEC 61198
 Gassing  IEC 60628 (Method A)
 Inhibitor (DBPC) (**)  IEC 60666
 Interfacial tension (IFT)  ASTM D971
 Metal desactivator (Irgamet 30)  Laborelec method
 Metal passivator (Irgamet 39)  IEC 60666
 Metal passivator (TTA and BTA)  IEC 60666
 Methanol  Laborelec Method
 Neutralization index, acidity (**)  IEC 62021
 Oxidation Stability  IEC 61125 method A, B or C 
 ASTM D2440
 ASTM D2112
 ASTM D2272
 Particle counting  IEC 60970
 PCB Analysis (**)  IEC 61619 (Sum 109 Congeners)
 EN 12766-2 (Sum 6 Congeners)
 PolyAromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)  IP 346
 Pour point  ISO 3016
 Resistivity (alternative fluids)  IEC 60247
 Resistivity (mineral oil, alternative fluids)  IEC 60247
 Sediment and sludge  IEC 60422
 SEM/EDX (*)  Laborelec method
 Stray gassing  ASTM D7150
 Structural Analysis  IEC 60590/Brandes
 Sulfur Content  ASTM D5185
 Viscosity (**)  ASTM D7042
 Viscosity  ISO 3104
 Water content  IEC 60814

(*) : Scanning Electron Microscope / Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy
(**) : Analyses performed under ISO 17025 accreditation - Measurement uncertainties available on demand

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