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Rotating machinery Oil Analysis

LBE_Website_III_03_Gas turbine researchLaborelec provides oil condition monitoring services for rotating machines. Trending the analyses of the lubricating oils to get an accurate view of both the condition of the oil and the machinery.

Lubricating and hydraulic oil quality assessment

Checking the functionalities of oils for rotating machinery

Laborelec trends the quality of lubricating and hydraulic oils in service to assess to what extent these oils still retain their functional properties (lubrication, heat exchange, corrosion protection, and elimination of internal contamination).

Lubricating oil expert advice

To determine that oils remain within OEM or industry maintenance specifications (for instance ASTM D4378). To prevent sludging, varnishing, and corrosion as well as machinery wear due to insufficient lubrication. To avoid unforeseen maintenance costs and shut downs.

Laborelec_News_June2012_Flux probe vibration monitoring detect generator damageOil quality can be accurately assessed by combining the results of different physical and chemical oil analyses. If certain parameters prove to be insufficient, our experts determine the most appropriate maintenance actions or oil bath replacement.

Machinery Lubrication Oil Training

Specific training courses (on-site or at Laborelec) to help customers increase their knowledge of important aspects of oil analyses,  analytical techniques, and interpretation of data.

Training: Monitoring the condition of rotating machines through regular oil analyses

List of Rotating Machinery oil tests

The determination of acidity is a basic analysis for trending ageing in turbine and hydraulic oils. The MPC or VPI test allows to assess the risk on varnish formation in degraded oil circuit.

 Oil Tests  Standard
 Additives  ASTM D5185
 Chlorine  Laborelec method
 Color and appearance  ISO 2049
 Density (**)  ASTM D4052
 Desaeration  ISO 9120
 Desemulsibility  ISO 6614
 Filtration (0,8 µm)  ASTM D4055
 Fire point (Cleveland OC)  ASTM D92
 Flash point (Cleveland OC)  ASTM D92
 Flash point (Pensky Martens CC)  ASTM D93/ISO 2719
 Foaming  ISO 6247
 FTIR spectrum  Laborelec method
 Inhibitor (type amine)  IEC 60666
 Inhibitor (DBPC) (**)  IEC 60666
 Neutralization index, acidity (**)  ASTM D664
 Particle counting (**)  ISO 4406 (1987)/NAS 1638
 Particle counting (**)  ISO 4406 (1999)/SAE AS4059
 Pour point  ISO 3016
 Resistivity (mineral oil/phosphate ester)  IEC 60247
 Sediment (fuel centrifugation)  ASTM D1796
 Sediment (fuel filtration)  EN 12662
 Sulphur content  ASTM D5185
 Varnishing Potential Index (VPI)  Laborelec method
 Viscosity (**)  ASTM D7042
 Viscosity  ISO 3104
 Water content  ASTM D1744

 (**): Analyses performed under ISO 17025 accreditation.
Measurement uncertainties available on demand

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