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Transformer Oil Condition Monitoring

Prevention of transformer failures

The transformer is a crucial link in any electrical network. A sudden breakdown usually goes hand in hand with unforeseen maintenance costs, investments in new equipment, and production interruptions. The insulating oil in a transformer says a great deal about the actual condition of the transformer as well as its remaining lifetime. Accurate information about the oil makes it possible to anticipate potential failures and put in place a precisely targeted maintenance and/or replacement plan.

All of our oil analysis services, for both insulating oils and lubricant oils, encompass four steps:

Sampling > Analysis > Interpretation > Recommendation

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List of Transformer Oil Analyses

transformer oil analysis dissolved gassesA regular assessment of the condition of oil-filled transformers based upon in-depth analysis of insulating oil samples.

Laborelec trends the quality of insulating oils in service to assess to what extent these oils retain their functional properties such as cooling, chemical stability, and electrical insulation.

Some of our transformer oil analyses

Dissolved Gasses Analysis (DGA)

A dissolved gasses analysis (DGA) determines if there are internal problems within the transformer. DGA is one of the most important analyses performed on transformer oil.

Why DGA Analysis of transformer oil?

The DGA analysis results enable preparation of recommendations to increase the availability and reliability of transformers by defining appropriate maintenance actions (dehydration, partial discharge measurements, cooling upgrade, and internal inspection among others).

More Info about Dissolved Gasses Analysis of Transformer Oils

Online monitoring of transformer oil

Remote follow-up of the behaviour of critical transformers based on continuous monitoring of data automatically received from onsite equipment.

The efficient operation depends upon the condition of its critical equipment. Good condition monitoring is essential in order to detect defects early on and carry out predictive maintenance. Laborelec has both the knowledge and tools needed to effectively monitor plant components and advise on the appropriate corrective actions to take in order to improve their

Equipment Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Acceptance tests for unused transformer oils

oil dissolved gas analysis


Transformer oils need to maintain very specific physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a very long period to be an efficient cooling liquid and electrical insulator. Several international standards (for instance IEC 60296:2012 or ASTM D3487) have been developed to assess this long-term quality.

A set of very specific oil analyses to assess the long-term quality of unused insulating oil and its conformity to relevant IEC or ASTM standards.

Transformer Oil Fleet screening

A priority ranking for maintenance and replacement actions for a transformer fleet based upon our interpretation of existing oil and transformer data.

Dismantling transformers

A post-mortem investigation of the active part of transformers to gain more insight into the ageing behaviour of similar transformers.

Transformer oil training course

Specific training courses (on-site or at Laborelec) to help customers increase their knowledge of important aspects of oil analyses, including sampling techniques, analytical techniques, and interpretation of data.

Over the years, Laborelec has built strong and unique expertise in various aspects of energy technology. With our 240 specialist experts and the experience that comes from more than 50 years working with customers and partners, we are pleased to be able to pass on our knowledge and skills in a new range of Laborelec training courses.

Analysis of PCB in Transformer Oil

transformer oil analysis fleet screening transformer

PCB analysis detects the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in transformer oil samples. These toxic organic pollutants were used extensively in transformers for decades because of their ideal properties for use in transformers.

Accredited PCB analysis of transformer oil

The use of PCBs has been restricted for many years and banned for use in new transformers. Nevertheless, large numbers of PCB-contaminated transformers are still in service. It is legally compulsory for industries and power plants to have the environmental and human risk determined by an accredited laboratory whenever a transformer is scrapped, maintained, displaced, sold or when an oil change takes place.

Transformer Oil Research and development

Our investment in research enables us to retain our position at the forefront of oil analyses: new analysis methods, improved interpretation schemes, alternative oils, alternative ageing markers, et cetera.

Participation in international scientific and oil standardization committees

Laborelec oil experts participate actively in several international scientific and standardization committees, including IEC, CIGRE, and ASTM.

When you need a fast answer

You can rely on us when you have an acute transformer problem. We can perform oil analyses 24/7 and can carry out critical oil analyses very quickly. You receive the analysis results within hours of the sample taking.

More info on transformer oil analysis

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More info on transformer oil analysis

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