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September 27, 20125 years ago

Preventing problems in the water/steam cycle and demineralization processes

Adequate monitoring and continuous follow-up identify negative operational trends as early as possible

Laborelec remotely monitors the water/steam cycle and demineralization processes of several power plants in Europe. Through continuous collection and analysis of monitoring data, it is possible to follow appropriate key performance indicators and identify trends that may lead to incidents or inefficiencies. This allows us to quickly recommend the appropriate preventive measures. Before setting up an effective monitoring program, Laborelec first conducts an onsite audit. The audit allows us to determine what criteria need to be tracked for a specific power plant. At this stage, we also determine the target values for these criteria and recommend the best suited monitoring system to ensure appropriate follow-up of the various units. In this way, we can correctly analyze the collected data and create a concrete action plan.

September 27, 20125 years ago

Detecting generator rotor shorted turns

Flux probe monitoring and vibration monitoring offer double defensive belt

Changes in a machine’s vibration behaviour can indicate various problems. Vibration monitoring helps detect and diagnose these problems at an early stage. Rotor flux monitoring is a specific tool for detecting shorted turns in generator field windings. Based on these complementary monitoring systems, Laborelec managed to quickly address potential generator rotor issues in two Belgian power plants. The presence of shorted turns in generator field windings is an electrical problem. It has a direct impact on the generator’s integrity and can have indirect mechanical consequences, such as vibrations. Hence, it is essential to detect and address shorted turns as quickly as possible in order to prevent further damage and a potential outage.

July 27, 20125 years ago

Investigating complex electromagnetic problems with finite element simulations

Conducting measurements on equipment is sometimes not possible due to, for instance, geometry, location, or even budget restrictions. In these cases, Laborelec can still provide accurate information thanks to its extensive simulation capacity.

Laborelec uses the finite element method to construct realistic models of cable joints, high-voltage cables, and complex earthing networks, among other things. In our models, we include the equipment’s geometric and material characteristics. We also incorporate boundary conditions, such as the amount of current or voltage, or the temperature to which the equipment is exposed. Using our models, we can carry out numerous types of simulations, from electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic to current, voltage, and heat simulations. These simulations can provide valuable information in a large number of complex problems.

July 23, 20125 years ago

NEWS 135: focus on remote monitoring

  • Detecting generator rotor shorted turns
  • Remote condition and quality monitoring offers value in both the short and long run
  • Preventing problems in the water/ steam cycle and demineralization processes
  • Automatically diagnosing water/ steam cycle chemistry-related issues
  • Adapting PQ monitoring to new EN50160 version
  • Remotely processing data from events on New Caledonia’s electrical network
  • Monitoring equipment condition online
  • Multidisciplinary condition monitoring of 52 step-up transformers


July 3, 20126 years ago

Organizational changes

I’m proud to announce that two of our fellow workers were asked to assume new responsibilities:

  • Léon Duvivier, director of the product line Sustainable Process Technologies and manager of the Business Development department, will fulfil from 01.07.2012 the function of Technology Director within the “Direction Recherche & Innovation” of GDF SUEZ.
  • Emmanuel De Jaeger, scientific director, is entrusted from 01.09.2012 with the chair of Professor of Electrical Energy at the UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain). He will continue to work closely with Laborelec.

The Laborelec organization is adapted as follows:

  • Coralie Goffin becomes director of the product line Sustainable Process Technologies from 01.07.2012
  • Guy Dreessen takes on the responsibility of the Research Program Management department  from 01.07.2012; he becomes a member of the Management Team.
  • Randy Stiens is in charge of the Business Development activities from 01.07.2012 and reports to Hans De Rouck.
  • Etienne Pierson will assume, in addition to his current function, the role of Scientific Director of Laborelec from 01.09.2012.

The new organization will enable Laborelec to steadily strengthen its position and to continue to pursue its strategy with proven success: develop expertise in the complete value chain of electricity, with a combination of research and services, on a rapidly growing international market, and operating as independent business entity, but firmly rooted in both GDF SUEZ BEE Metier Generation and GDF Suez “Direction Recherche & Innovation”.

Bart Boesmans
General Manager