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February 20, 20126 years ago

NEWS JANUARY 2012: Nuclear Power Technologies

Nuclear reactor power plant generator alarm

  • Benchmarking chemical and radiochemical data from the Belgian nuclear power fleet
  • Fostering continuous improvement in nuclear power plants
  • Assessing gamma cameras for characterizing radioactive material
  • Characterizing dust in nuclear reactor buildings
  • How do oxygen scavengers behave during the wet lay-up of steam generators?
  • Rationalizing alarms during nuclear power plant revision
  • Assessing the quality of coatings inside reactor buildings

Newsletter January 2012: Nuclear Power technologies

February 14, 20126 years ago

Belgian Energy Research Alliance to become partner of the European Energy Research Alliance

On 31 January 2012, the Belgian Energy Research Alliance (BERA) has submitted its application to become a partner of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) , a research coordination structure set up by the European Union in the framework of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan. The BERA brings together all of the important energy research centers in Belgium.

Laborelec is one of the founding members.

January 9, 20126 years ago


laboratories laboratory energy-efficient technology research

  • Energy-efficient laboratories mark Laborelec’s future
  • Strengthening our expertise, investing in state-of-the-art laboratories
  • New laboratories, new website
  • New state-of-the-art laboratory facilities
  • Fully equipped laboratories for a multidisciplinary expert approach
  • At the forefront of new energy technology research

News Special: Laborelec's Innovative Research Environment

January 9, 20126 years ago

NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2011: Condition Monitoring

Vibration monitoring

  • Five years of remote power plant condition monitoring
  • Helping plant operators preserve the mechanical condition of their equipment 
  • Early detection of generator temperature increase at Drogenbos Power Plant 
  • Vibration measurements help solve old bearing problem 
  • Vibration measurements reveal lubrication problem 
  • Vibration analysis training for turbo machines 
  • Laborelec opens Middle East office

Newsletter November 2011: Condition Monitoring

November 21, 20116 years ago

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Complete monitoring of wind turbines
  • Fostering innovation in renewable energy technology
  • Investigating wind turbine cable connection failure
  • Predicting and reducing wake effects in wind farms
  • Assessing the potential of concentrated photovoltaic units
  • Large-scale, centralized solar power generation
  • Supporting marine energy research in Portugal
  • Taskforce fosters synergies in biogas research
  • Initiative Wood Pellet Buyers (IWPB)
  • Renewable Energy Seminar in Bruges was a success

Newsletter October 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies (pdf)