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January 9, 20127 years ago

NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2011: Condition Monitoring

Vibration monitoring

  • Five years of remote power plant condition monitoring
  • Helping plant operators preserve the mechanical condition of their equipment 
  • Early detection of generator temperature increase at Drogenbos Power Plant 
  • Vibration measurements help solve old bearing problem 
  • Vibration measurements reveal lubrication problem 
  • Vibration analysis training for turbo machines 
  • Laborelec opens Middle East office

Newsletter November 2011: Condition Monitoring

November 21, 20117 years ago

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Complete monitoring of wind turbines
  • Fostering innovation in renewable energy technology
  • Investigating wind turbine cable connection failure
  • Predicting and reducing wake effects in wind farms
  • Assessing the potential of concentrated photovoltaic units
  • Large-scale, centralized solar power generation
  • Supporting marine energy research in Portugal
  • Taskforce fosters synergies in biogas research
  • Initiative Wood Pellet Buyers (IWPB)
  • Renewable Energy Seminar in Bruges was a success

Newsletter October 2011: Renewable Energy Technologies (pdf)


October 28, 20117 years ago

NEWSLETTER September 2011: focus on electrical rotating machinery

  • Ruptured generator rotor connections
  • Keeping electrical rotating machinery in optimal condition
  • Reducing generator seal ring wear
  • Evaluating the results of automated ultrasonic testing of retaining rings
  • Expert technical advice on recurring generator problems
  • Assessing insulation systems for large electric motors
  • Hosting a milestone meeting for the Anastasia project

Newsletter September 2011: Focus on electrical rotating machinery (pdf)

October 27, 20117 years ago

Laborelec has been selected to monitor the performance of 75 electric vehicles

A Dutch consortium consisting of the city of Rotterdam, Stedin, and Eneco has selected Laborelec to monitor 75 electric vehicles (EV). The goal is to gain insight in the vehicles’ energy consumption, their energy exchange with the electrical grid, and the loading behaviour of their batteries. Laborelec’s experience with EVs was a main contributor to its selection. Our experts are actively involved in EV research; for instance in the Flemish LINEAR project. We are also conducting an EV monitoring campaign for Electrabel and Cofely Services.

September 27, 20117 years ago

Newsletter June 2011: Focus on electricity grids and end-use

  • Flemish project to test energy management systems
  • Towards an eco-efficient cooling system
  • At the forefront of energy management
  • Smart Lab brings together residential energy technologies
  • Improved interfacing between substation automation components
  • Offshore energy storage: what’s its potential?
  • Optimal design and operational excellence of electrical power systems
  • Supporting companies in the third phase of the Emission Trading system

Newsletter June 2011: Focus on electricity grids and end-use (pdf)