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Activity Highlights

Laborelec 2015 Supporting Centralized generation Laborelec 2015 Activity Highlights Grids & industry Laborelec 2015 Activity Highlights Renewable Power
Supporting Centralised Power Generation Supporting Power Grids and Industry Supporting Renewable Energy

Short Activity Highlights

  • SOLAR ENERGY: Organic PV technologies evaluated, tested and monitored
  • MARINE ENERGY: Support to ENGIE’s tidal power projects Raz Blanchard & passage du Fromveur
  • WIND ENERGY: Floating wind and the Atlantic WindFloat project
  • ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: Practical experience follows exploration
  • ELECTRIC MOBILITY: Smart charging solution developed for a company in the banking sector
  • NUCLEAR ENERGY: Pressure vessels of Tihange 2 & Doel 3
  • ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEMS: Integration studies of renewable energy sources into existing grids

Activity Highlights 2014

Laborelec 2014 Highlights Supporting Power Grids and Industry Laborelec 2014 Activity Highlights Supporting Power Generation Laborelec 2014 Activity Highlights Supporting Renewable Power
Supporting Power Grids and Industry Supporting Power Generation Supporting Renewable Power

Activity Report 2013

  Preface by Bart Boesmans, managing Director
laborelec activity report 2013

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  New International Centre of Excellence in Chile Taking expertise in renewable energy abroad Bringing flexibility to power plant operations Developing, implementing and monitoring flexibility measures The value of an expert second opinion
Ensuring equipment manufacturing and inspection quality Optimizing the chemistry of water processes
Ensuring better control and follow-up Vibration analysis expertise readily available all over the world
Improved monitoring tool enhances remote and on-site support Helping prevent delays in plant commissioning
Fast expert support reduces risks and resolves issues Immediate critical expertise to deal with unexpected nuclear events
Providing solutions to gel formation on nuclear waste drums Reducing overhaul time
New technique speeds up blade crack inspection Making power grids ready for the future
Developing and evaluating technologies that improve grid stability Support throughout the different phases of renewable energy projects
Maximizing operational performance and lifetime Smart energy solutions at the residential level
Exploring the potential of managing household energy consumption and storage
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Laborelec Activity Report 2012

Laborelec Activity Report 2012 Introduction - Preface from Managing Director Bart Boesmans

Critical expertise to deal with unexpected events

Expanding international scope

Improving operational performance

Continuous enhancement of expertise and facilities

De-risking new technology and driving business innovation

Applicable research results

LABORELEC Activity Report 2012

Activity Report 2011

Laborelec activity report international laboratory energy sector research services industry technical publicationMessage from Bart Boesmans and Marc De Witte: "Worldwide value creation is key to success in times of change"

> Research & Services and Mission Statement > Key figures and our values > Renovated laboratory facilities strengthen expertise > Quality, environment, safety, and health > Electricity, Grids, and End-Use > Structural Integrity Assessment and Monitoring > Sustainable Process Technologies Applied value-creating research List of publications Contact information Laborelec Activity Report 2011

Activity Report 2010

Activity Report 2009