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Cases Eco-Efficiency

SPANOLUX: Eliminating seasonal energy bottlenecks improves processes.

Increasing production capacity by optimizing energy efficiency

Would you like to increase your production but you have already
reached your maximum capacity? Unnecessary energy consumption
in the different stages of your production process may be an important source of
your capacity problem. But where exactly are the bottlenecks located?
And what is the best approach toeliminating them?

To get answers to these questions, Spanolux engaged
Laborelec’s services. Its energy experts closely
investigated the local energy production and the most
energy-consuming stages of the production process.
Based on this research, they proposed the most feasible
improvements to enable Spanolux to tap into the full
potential of its production capacity.

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PANASONIC: Support in selecting the most sustainable options.

Optimal production of cooling, compressed air and vacuum

Is one of the installations in your energy production park
nearing the end of its lifespan? The ideal opportunity to
take a step forward. But how? Which technologies best
match the specific needs of your company? And how can
you implement them?

When Panasonic Energy Belgium needed to
replace its cooling tower, the company called upon
the independent expertise centre Laborelec to
identify the most sustainable and cost-effective
cooling technology. As part of its investigation,
Laborelec examined the main cooling consumers.
It explored whether or not these systems were up
for improvement. If so, this would have a significant
impact on the choice of cooling technology and the
new installation’s dimensions.

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MORA: Energy use mapped out and optimized.

Maximizing energy capacity through more efficient consumption

Are the energy costs of your production processes too
high? Did you reach your maximum energy capacity?
Is there still a lot of residual heat in your production
processes? It requires expert know-how to find the
right answer to each of these questions, and the
situation becomes even more complex when all of
these questions need to be answered simultaneously.

Nevertheless, Mora has succeeded in meeting this
challenge. With the help of Laborelec, the snack company
optimized the energy performance of its production
process, without significant additional investment.
An energy study of the site and a detailed audit of the
incinerator formed the foundations of this success.

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IMEC: Analyze and understand the current energy situation... order to get more out of the foreseen modifications

Is your company planning to expand or alter a
production unit? How will this affect your energy
demand? How much extra energy capacity will
you need?

Imec needed the answers to these questions when
it decided to expand its clean room. The company
contacted Laborelec to analyze the design of the new
laboratory building. The Laborelec energy experts
went above and beyond this assignment by first
assessing the current on-site energy context, in order
to identify potential improvement opportunities. This
step ensured an optimal evaluation of the proposed
capacity expansion.

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End-Use Efficiency

Increasing the eco-efficiency of production and utility processes

Is there still room for improving the eco-efficiency of a specific production or utility process?
If so, what is the best solution for that specific situation?
And how can this solution be effectively implemented?
Laborelec helps customers answer each of these questions.

More information about Laborelec End-Use Efficiency services.