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heading November2013

Commissioning a new or renovated plant

Commissioning Power Plant Operational lifeExpert support for making the right decisions when going operational

The commissioning phase requires your full attention as it is of the utmost importance for the rest of your plant’s operational life. It requires you to make many decisions that will greatly influence the future performance, maintenance, and lifespan of your facility. The ultra supercritical coal-fired power plants of Rotterdam and Wilhelmshaven did not want to take a risk in this vital phase and therefore decided to call upon EMS (European Maintenance Support) and Laborelec for comprehensive technical support and advice.



Condition monitoring of turbine blades

Blade tip timing system leads to improved operational flexibility

The increased demand for operational flexibility causes low pressure turbines to be more often run under sub-optimal conditions. This leaves them more susceptible to blade vibrations, which can ultimately damage the blade. Through blade tip timing, operators can better estimate the risk of vibrations and adjust plant operation accordingly. Laborelec managed to bring this theoretical concept into practice by installing a tip timing system in the steam turbine of the French DK6 Power Plant in Dunkerque.


Cyber security assessment after incident at Middle East power plant

power plant Cyber security assessment CCGT_Jos MentingA power plant in the Middle East suspected a cyber security incident and called upon Laborelec for an assessment. First, our expert investigations indicated that the issue was related to the remote guarding of the plant, especially the remote access connection from another continent. We decided to conduct an in-depth cyber security assessment of the long distance connection. The investigation is still ongoing, but based on the first results, we have already been able to draw some conclusions and recommend appropriate actions for the power plant to take in order to better control its security.

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Introducing a new frequency control concept in Belgian and German power plants

Laborelec has developed a frequency control concept to better balance electricity supply and demand. The concept encompasses primary frequency control, characterized by fast response to deviations in grid frequency, as well as the slower secondary frequency control. It meets the ever-increasing need for better frequency control, which is due to the addition of more decentralized power generation units, such as wind turbines and solar power systems. These systems do more to disturb, instead of regulate, the grid frequency, and current frequency control systems are not designed to control these new dynamics. We have already implemented our newly developed frequency control system in Belgian gas power stations and German coal power stations. Our experts tailor the concept to the individual needs of each power plant. Hence, power plants obtain optimal flexibility for balancing energy generation and demand.

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