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Why include Laborelec in the chemical cleaning process?

Because it can help you save nearly a million euros
Errors during boiler cleaning can lead to boiler tube failure and may necessitate the replacement of the entire evaporator. To ensure the most appropriate cleaning approach, Laborelec offers advice and support before, during, and after the cleaning process. This has already helped various power plants avoid millions of euros in costs..



Long-term preservation of shut down CCGTs

How to ensure equipment safety?

Due to the current economic context, more and more Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plants are being shut down. The periods of inactivity range from several weeks to years. To ensure that the components are preserved in excellent condition, Laborelec has teamed up with other GDF SUEZ entities to investigate the appropriate preservation conditions for the most critical equipment.



Optimizing combustion processes throughout Europe

Combustion inefficiencies, slagging, and elevated emissions of NOX and CO are common problems resulting from imbalances in coal-fired power plant boilers. Laborelec uses mobile EUtech EUflame 2D sensors, a two-dimensional temperature measurement system, to visualize such imbalances and optimize the combustion process. The sensors were already successfully implemented in various power plants in Belgium, Germany, and other European countries.


GSEN renews three-year framework agreement

GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland (GSEN) has renewed its framework agreement with Laborelec. As a result, the Group’s entire Dutch power fleet can call upon Laborelec’s multidisciplinary expertise for advice, troubleshooting, and other technical services for the next three years. The renewal confirms GSEN’s confidence in Laborelec’s expertise services for power plants.