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Long-term preservation of shut down CCGTs

CCGTplantComponentsHow to ensure CCGT equipment safety?

Due to the current economic context, more and more Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plants are being shut down. The periods of inactivity range from several weeks to years. To ensure that the components are preserved in excellent condition, Laborelec has teamed up with other GDF SUEZ entities to investigate the appropriate preservation conditions for the most critical equipment. As CCGT plants are increasingly being shut down for long periods of time, the need for preservation (also called lay-up or conservation) guidelines is growing. Laborelec, the Maintenance Competence Center (MCC), and the Maintenance Support Office (MSO) joined forces to develop guidelines for specific CCGT plant equipment.

Mapping required power plant competences

In the first phase, Laborelec, MCC, and MSO studied the existing international guidelines and collected information from power plants with experience in preservation. This, in combination with the companies’ in-house experience, enabled the identification of all the competencies in various disciplines that are required for successful preservation.

Formulating general and more specific guidelines

The analysis led to the development of general guidelines for equipment in seven domains:

The documents elaborate on the various required actions before, during, and after the short- or long-term shutdown. The research also identified situations that necessitated further study. For example, steam turbines are preserved using dry air. However, this is an expensive conservation method. For this reason, alternative techniques are being investigated, and the criteria that indicate the need for dry air preservation will be outlined. Laborelec, MCC, and MSO are currently putting together the final guidelines. The project is expected to be finished before the summer of 2013.

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