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Why include Laborelec in the chemical cleaning process?

BoilerCleaningBecause it can help you save nearly a million euros

Errors during boiler cleaning can lead to boiler tube failure and may necessitate the replacement of the entire evaporator. To ensure the most appropriate cleaning approach, Laborelec offers advice and support before, during, and after the cleaning process. This has already helped various power plants avoid millions of euros in costs.

When to clean your power plant boiler?

When should you clean your boiler? There are no international standardized guidelines to answer this question. However, Laborelec evaluates the need for chemical cleaning based on metallographic analysis and deposit removal lab tests. Based on Laborelec’s recommendations, the plant operator has all the information to decide whether or not to clean the boiler.

Adequate procedures prevent power plant cleaning incidents

When the decision is made to clean the boiler, it is crucial that this process is carried out correctly. Laborelec uses its extensive experience and knowledge of best practices to help implement the appropriate boiler cleaning procedures. This includes the proper chemical concentrations, temperature, circulation, water need, and draining capacity, among others. These are vital requirements that need to be met before commencing the cleaning process. For instance, in the case of a Belgian pre-operational boiler cleaning, an unbalance in the water need urged the power plant to bring in water by means of trucks at the last minute in order to finish the process correctly and timely.

Witnessing optimizes the power plant cleaning process

During the cleaning process, Laborelec witnesses the contractor’s activities. By following up on the main holding points—from the beginning of the acid cleaning up to the final passivation—our experts evaluate the cleaning quality, recommend improvements (if necessary), and help prevent errors. Witnessing has already proven its worth in many cases, including that of a Belgian biomass-fuelled power plant. The contractor in charge of the cleaning process had filled the boiler with concentrated acid; however, the operator’s equipment did not succeed in adequately homogenizing the acid. Laborelec immediately advised the contractor to drain the acid out of the boiler. Otherwise, the boiler would have been corroded severely, leading to an expensive replacement and long plant downtime.

Ensuring a safe restart

Once the cleaning is finished, Laborelec carries out visual checks and collects samples to assess whether the cleaning was successful and to make sure no cleaning residue is left inside. Once this is ensured, the boiler can be safely restarted.

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