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Count on us to support the technical part of your power plant

Inspired by environmental regulations and economic trends, power plants all over the world are looking at ways to considerably improve their performance and availability. To do it right, it takes technical leadership, as well as dedicated expertise in a vast range of domains. This is why Polaniec Power Plant in Poland entrusted a substantial part of the technical part of its Phoenix project to Laborelec.


Improving Power Plant Flexibility

Tailoring stress calculators to specific plant needs

Coal-fired and combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants need to operate more flexibly, but they were not designed for this. In order to deal with this flexibility requirement, among other things, stress calculators have to be able to meet the needs of each individual power plant. Laborelec analyzed different stress calculators and discovered that there is a lot of potential to adjust them. In this way, the flexibility of power plants can be increased without jeopardizing plant safety.


Design review for new USC power plant in Italy

Laborelec is performing design reviews for the chemistry, boiler, and steam turbine for a new ultra super critical (USC) power plant project in Italy. The project team asked our experts for a second opinion on the specifications as defined by the manufacturer. More specifically, we are verifying the selected materials for the steam turbine and boiler and providing advice on the power plant’s chemistry. Our independent second opinion will enable the project team to make the best choices regarding plant construction. For this audit, Laborelec’s experts can rely on their broad experience with other USC power plants, such as those in Rotterdam and Wilhelmshaven.

GDF SUEZ ENERGIA ITALIA renews three-year framework agreement

GDF SUEZ Energia Italia (GSEI) has renewed its framework agreement with Laborelec. As a result, the Group’s entire Italian power fleet can call upon Laborelec’s multidisciplinary expertise for advice, troubleshooting, and other technical services for the next three years. The renewal confirms GSEI’s confidence in Laborelec’s expertise services for power plants.



Obtain essential knowledge and competencies in order to work in an ATEX area


Regarding ATEX knowledge, not everybody has the same needs. This is why different solutions were developed. Three diff erent levels can be distinguished:

  • Level 0: for all workers in ATEX zones
  • Level 1: for all persons doing interventions on ATEX equipments, under supervision of someone of level 2,or for exploitation
  • Level 2: for all persons directly responsible for workers in ATEX zones (ex. Chief technical maintenance) staff and asset managers responsible for transformers. The trainings are adapted to the specifi c needs of each installation.The main goal is, that when a work is done on an ATEX equipment, it remains ATEX.


Level 0: ½ day – Level 1: 1 day – Level 2: 2,5 to 4 days

official ISM-ATEX trainers

Trainers are official ISM-ATEX trainers (Installation, service and maintenance in ATEX zone) for
electrical and mechanical equipments.They performed ATEX audits for diff erent power plants
and participated to ATEX studies for new installations.

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