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Count on us to support the technical part of your power plant

Polaniec-power-plantPOLANIEC POWER PLANT

Inspired by environmental regulations and economic trends, power plants all over the world are looking at ways to considerably improve their performance and availability. To do it right, it takes technical leadership, as well as dedicated expertise in a vast range of domains. This is why Polaniec Power Plant in Poland entrusted a substantial part of the technical part of its Phoenix project to Laborelec.


The Polaniec Power Plant in Poland launched the Phoenix project to restore six of its seven production units by the end of 2014.

The goal is to extend the plant’s lifetime by another twenty years, increase the power output by 15 MW per unit by integrating a new turbine, and adapt emission parameters to meet future regulations by incorporating a new SCR NOX reduction system. Achieving these ambitious objectives requires interventions on a wide variety of equipment, including alternators, transformers, and boilers, among other things.

Seasoned expert supervising all technical activities

In order to adequately deal with the vastness of the technical works, the local operator contacted Laborelec for technical support in a variety of domains. Hence, we have outsourced one of our experts (Patrick Allard) for the duration of the project to act as a full-time technical director to complement the local project team and supervise all technical works during the project.

Phoenix case Polaniec Polish project team PHOENIX POLISH PROJECT TEAM

Expert support in multiple disciplines

On top of the technical supervision, the Polish project team can also rely on Laborelec for dedicated technical support in a variety of domains, including deNOX, acid cleaning, water chemistry, combustion, and metallurgy. As part of this support, we regularly send our experts on site. They assist in supplier negotiations, provide high level expertise services in the fields of metallurgy and deNOX implementation, and perform explosion protection design reviews (ATEX) and design risk analyses (HAZOP), among other things.

Technical helpline ensures quick advice

Laborelec also offers a technical helpline as part of the technical support. This enables the Polish project team to quickly get in touch with the relevant expert and ask for advice on urgent matters. This already proved to be of great added value, particularly in the design review of the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and in resolving piping materials issues.

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