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Is there still room for considerable energy savings?

It’s time to look beyond traditional boundaries...

Over the past several years, companies have achieved significant energy savings through benchmarking covenants, sector agreements, and/or their own initiatives. As a result, there are no more quick wins. So what do companies now have to do to save significantly more energy?


Get more out of your transformer

Transformer solutions, from purchase till end-of-life

How can one select the best transformer, take the correct maintenance
actions, and deal with equipment failure? Laborelec has developed a
transformer package that offers advice and support for all kinds of
transformers throughout their entire lifetimes. This enables industrial
customers to reduce unforeseen future costs and get more out of their


Looking back at 50 years of milestones...

In 2012, Laborelec celebrated 50 years of experience, a period marked with numerous milestones:

1962: Laborelec is founded through the merger of three Belgian laboratories and becomes one of the first laboratories in the world to cover the entire electricity value chain: power generation, distribution, transmission, and end-use.

1970-1999: Laborelec extends its competency in all types of power generation technologies (nuclear, coal, natural gas, and renewable), leading to innovations in the fields of non-destructive testing techniques and materials, among many others.

2002: Laborelec becomes a preferred partner of Belgian industrial companies, assisting them in finding and realizing their energy savings potential as part of the benchmarking covenant and sector agreements (accord de branche).

2008: Laborelec is the first organization in the world to implement smart local energy management and does so at the Princess Elisabeth station in one of harshest climates: that of Antarctica. More info

2009: Laborelec reinforces its international scope and opens up its first branch outside of Belgium, in the Netherlands. Later, branch offices in Germany and the Middle East also ensure our customer proximity.

2010: Laborelec expands actvities outside Europe thanks to the merge of the international activities of GDF SUEZ and International Power.

2011: Laborelec inaugurates new laboratory facilities, combining sustainability and innovation.

2012: Laborelec celebrates 50 years of experience.

In 2013, Laborelec is keen on adding new milestones to the list.

Assessing the impact of a new high voltage (HV) power line

Belgian HV grid operator Elia is planning the installation of a 380 kV line between the cities of Lillo and Zandvliet. Many companies located in the region between these cities have contacted Laborelec regarding the impact of the planned HV line on their pipelines. Laborelec has started carrying out assessments at each industrial site, especially focusing on the safety of staff that are in contact with the pipelines, as well as on pipeline corrosion.


Training: Monitoring the condition of transformers through regular oil analyses


  • Acquiring the knowledge needed to define and implement an adequate program of oil analyses to monitor the condition of transformers.
  • Understanding and interpreting oil analysis reports and implementing maintenance recommendations.

Target group

Maintenance staff and asset managers responsible for transformers

Specific aspects

The training is preferably given at Laborelec headquarters but can also be given on site.