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Get more out of your transformer

Transformer solutions, from purchase till end-of-life

How can one select the best transformer, take the correct maintenance actions, and deal with equipment failure? Laborelec has developed a transformer package that offers advice and support for all kinds of transformers throughout their entire lifetimes. This enables industrial customers to reduce unforeseen future costs and get more out of their transformers.

Transformers are some of the most critical assets. Replacement is very costly and can take up to one year. Along with the large cost for a new transformer, there is considerable loss of revenues due to production fall-out. It is therefore crucial to guarantee transformer quality and follow up on the condition of each transformer. However, in solving transformer problems, several kinds of experts are needed. These experts need to closely work together in order to offer the best solution for each specific transformer problem. Laborelec offers a multidisciplinary service based on its diversified in-house research.

A complete service package for transformers

Based on our research on ageing mechanisms, oil and cable quality, and other transformer-related topics, we have developed a complete transformer package. Our electrical, chemical, cable, materials, and online monitoring experts, among others, closely collaborate to solve all kinds of transformer issues. In this way, each individual customer can benefit from the expertise that best fits his or her needs. Our experts can provide advice on issues throughout the entire lifetime of transformers: from purchase to incidents to end-of-life, and for all types of transformers. In this way, early failures can be prevented and production stops for corrective maintenance actions planned. As an extra bonus, transformer measurements often help decrease insurance costs.

Interested in getting more out of your transformer?